• nate-and-max

    Classic Style – An Analog Youth

    By Josh Greene | Media Editor December 4, 2016 Each generation has its own culture yet our generation stands unique. Millennials seem to be defined by the culture of generations prior. Like the styles of ancient [...]
  • img_4102

    Winter Look Book: With a Pinch of Summer?

    By: Kenzie McKinnon | Writer/Photographer   &   Camryn Ostrander | Photographer/Writer November 14, 2016 An hour less of sunlight, Starbucks red-cups, and booties? If that doesn’t say winter, then what does? Now, we all put Mariah Carey’s Christmas [...]
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    Columns & Opinion

    The 45th President of the United States

    By: Luke Overin | Writer November 16, 2016 Some people believe that Donald Trump will not be a good president due to his loud mouth and aggressive words. However, he has many great qualities and [...]
  • trump-saff
    Columns & Opinion

    An Open Letter to Donald Trump

    Dear President Elect Donald Trump, Hello. My name is Saffron Sener, and I am a citizen of the country you will soon command. In the wise words of Thomas Jefferson, “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes [...]


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