Panhe Celebration of Protection and Preservation

By: Josh Greene | Media Editor

March 29, 2017

On Sunday, March 26, hundreds of Orange County residents attended Panhe, an annual outdoors event at the San Mateo Campground in San Clemente that aims to promote environmentalism and a preservation of Native American culture.

Amongst the visitors to the campground were dozens of San Clemente High School students and several teachers, such as environmental science legend Mr. Kerr, who reached out to students about the opportunity of volunteering at the event.

“I think it’s a great opportunity to get some community service hours for a solid cause,” he explained to me.

There, students helped set up tents, interacted with various community officials, and learned about the culture of many Native American tribes, while at the same time, they learned about preservation. Junior Jackson Hinkle, the president of the Team Zissou Environmental Organization, explained what that means to him, and to so many community members present that day.

“Panhe serves as a reminder that we must not only be willing to protect the cultures of indigenous people, but that we must also be willing to protect the soil we share as well.”

At the campgrounds, students witnessed Native American singing, dancing, storytelling, and other performances, giving them a culturally enriching afternoon. Various Native American culinary dishes were sold as well.

To many there that day, Panhe serves as a beacon of light and a symbol of hope in troubling times where hope is hard to find.

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  1. This is such a cool event in San Clemente. Amazing to witness and share with the indigenous traditions of SC. Walking that trail is my favorite thing about living in SC ! Nice write up.

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