Finals Are Here…

The many books that you will be pulling out to help you pass your exams

By Ally van Dixhorn |Writer

It is that time of the year again that everyone loves and hates. Students love this time of year because the school year is slowly coming to an end as people are counting down the days until June 7th, the last day of school. They also hate it because with the end of any semester comes finals and AP tests. Around this time of the year seniors are now finding out what color they will graduate in, some working hard to get that white robe while others know that they will be in black, or finishing strong to graduate in red. With testing, last minute projects, busy work, social life, graduation, and homework there comes a lot of stress and anxiety.

Example of a nutritious breakfast before testing

I think we can all agree that nobody really likes finals, and I am sure most teachers do not love to grade all hundreds of exams either. Obviously studying is extremely important in order to get the grades you want and pass your test, but there is a certain point when it is unhealthy to continue these study habits. From personal experience, I have many things that I do in order to help get me through the stress of this time of the year. Senior Xavier Burke says that he “stays up all night studying for his test the next day.” Which brings me to my first piece of advice for finals week and that is to GET SLEEP! Apparently, studies have shown that your brain does not remember anything after nine o’clock so instead of trying to study or staying up on your phone, sleep is going to be your best friend.

Outside of getting your beauty sleep, another very important thing to remember is to eat something before you take your test. One of the worst feelings is when you are taking your test and the room is silent, then since you did not eat your stomach decided to growl. The rest of the period you are focused of your stomach growling rather than the the actual test itself. Senior Grace Cawley says that she has “a special breakfast that she eats the day she has big test, it is a secret.”

Besides eating and sleeping and obviously studying, the most important thing to remember while testing is to just relax. Right now it might seem like these grades are everything and define you as a person and don’t get me wrong they are important, but don’t beat yourself up about not doing as well as you hoped. Hopefully this has inspired you and made you realize that finals are sort of overrated and should be treated like another test. Now go out there and ACE your finals!!

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