Best acai bowl: Banzai Bowls

The Maui Sunset bowl from Banzai Bowls

By: Aubrey Johnston | Photographer

February 21, 2019

Does the perfect acai bowl spot exist? Yes.

Whether it’s hot or cold, Banzai Bowl is always the go-to acai bowl location for San Clemente High School students. That’s why it was voted for “Best of SC” in the 2018-19 school year! Junior Lexi Gruszczynski swears that Banzai Bowls is “a great choice anytime of the year.” Banzai Bowls, named after the Banzai Pipeline in Oahu, provides a laid-back environment for everyone to enjoy. The owners came up with the catch phrase, “live life in the bowl” since the multiple versions of acai bowls offered are “the perfect thing to eat before you surf or skate.”

In case you didn’t want to experience the atmosphere first hand, the bowls are available for delivery through the food delivering app, DoorDash, and even to cater! With places like Banzai Bowl just around the corner for San Clemente students and families, junior Brady Allen believes SC residents will “never have to search for the perfect acai bowls ever again!” 

120 S El Camino Real

7am-8pm Weekdays

8am-8pm Weekends

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