Modern Day Child Hunger


By Maisie Shea | Writer

February 20, 2015

More than one in five American kids live in a “food insecure” household. Food insecurity is defined by the Census Bureau and Agriculture Department as the condition of having limited access to food.

When everybody starts to look past the luxuries of living in south Orange County off the coast, the truth is bitter. What you will find is that 10.8% of San Clemente residents are living in poverty. Roughly half of that 10.8% are going hungry, which means 3,100 human beings, children and adults can not properly get the nutrition they need. Food insecurity is most common in large cities but still exists in rural areas, suburbs and other outlying areas around large cities.

There are two percentages nationally which speak volumes to just how serious this issue is:

– 25% of households with children living in large cities are food insecure.

– 59% of food-insecure households participate in large federal food and nutrition assistance programs. ( Food Stamps )

If those statistics haven’t hit home yet, have you ever thought out of the 3,000 students or so at our very own high school, how many of us are going to bed hungry? Without school programs like free lunches, many children could be much more worse off.

Be the generation to lower those statistics by starting off with our own town.
1. Know the facts of hunger
2. Donate to a local food drive, almost all grocery stores have ways for you to help
3. If you know of a family that is hungry, contact the Lifeline National Hotline at 800-HUNGRY2
4. Volunteer to any local shelter
5. Conserve what you have food wise
6. Let other people know how harsh that kind of life style really is, it could positively drive them into helping our community.

These are six simple things we are all capable of no matter the circumstance. Some have more than others yes, but it’s time for a change San Clemente and with dedication, the goal of lowering hunger and poverty rates can be achieved.

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