The best place to take your dog: San Clemente Beach Trail

Active residents and visitors enjoy walking their dogs on the San Clemente Beach Trail.

By: Sosie Casteel | Writer

February 25

If you’re looking for the proper place to take your dog at any given time, the San Clemente Beach Trail is the option for you. With a spectacular view of the ocean and access to lots of other San Clemente canines, the beach trail is a prime spot to walk your dog. San Clemente High School sophomore Robert Schumacher said, “I take my dog there sometimes and it’s always a really nice walk.” Not only does the beach trail give access to some of San Clemente’s most popular sites, its long stretch from North Beach to Calafia provides a fun, leisurely location for you and your dog. “My neighbors dogs love it,” SCHS freshman Ryan Aloe said. “I walk them twice a week and I always choose the beach trail.” Rain or shine, the San Clemente Beach Trail is the best in San Clemente for taking your dog out for a spin. 

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