How well do Americans know their own country?

By: Jill Greene | Head Editor & Nathan Melcher | Computer Design Editor

October 1, 2020

Immigrating to the United States is hard enough. You either have to get lightning-struck lucky, know a guy, or be Yo-Yo Ma. On top of all that headache-inducing paperwork, hopeful foreigners have to take a naturalization test.

In our sunny country, those looking to immigrate need to study 100 questions ranging from government to geography. They’re asked a random set of ten. They only need to get six right to pass.

Curious, we set out to the streets. We asked random people various questions—all provided from the official test—to see just how well Americans know their own country.

While some passed, others “flopped” immensely. Especially amongst the divided state of the nation today, a lack of knowledge about governmental functions and our history is shocking. “If people are not aware of their rights and/or the way the government works, then there is no way we as a nation can properly uphold and maintain all aspects of a democracy,” senior Riya Khetarpal said when asked about ignorance and its effect on democracy. “It makes it easier for the government to take advantage of its people.”

It’s important to stay informed so that you can vote with a clear conscious, knowing that you’re making what you believe is the best direction our country should head down.

Watch it all in our video above.

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