By, Claudia Pacheco | Editor in Chief   &   Kian Kiasaleh  | Arts & Entertainment Editor

Separating for the first time since they left the womb, these three sets of twins divulge their candid feelings about parting ways for college. The Mednicks, the Greenbergs, and the Heads each share the good, the bad, and the ugly in this Triton Times exclusive. They reflect over their moments together – from most embarrassing to most endearing – and imagine their approaching separation.

The Mednicks, as resident vegans of the campus, discuss their commitment to animal activism and health. With Christy as the emotional twin and Katie as her logical counterpart, these two maintain harmony unmatched by the other sets of twins. Although they may depend on one another for food and moral support, these twins express little anxiety over their impending departure to college.

That brings us to the next set of twins – the Heads. While Katie rebels with a free spirit and makes the most out her last years at SCHS, Kyle sits back with sarcasm and preys on stale memes (and little sisters?). These two have their share of differences, but view their departure as a necessary hiatus from each other.

Last, but certainly not tame, the Greenbergs liven up the interview with their balance of sweetness and sass from Cookie and Jacob, respectively. Their saucer-like eyes bored through the camera and showed their conviction as they did not blink once. They spilled the truth and made us gasp with their candor and spirit. There is no question why they rule over every dance.

Sit back and enjoy an insider look on these sets of SCHS’s quirkiest pairs.

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  1. Really loved this article. Such great description made it so interesting. The video aspect was a great addition! Great job Claudia and Kian.

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