Jill Greene – Head Editor (2020-21)

  Jill Greene hatched from a volcano-forged egg around 3,000 years ago (as one does). Throughout her four years of human high school, Jill has been involved with SCHS Drama, Cheer, and Link Crew. In […]

Clara Helm – Head Editor (2020-21)

  Clara Helm is currently a senior at San Clemente High School and is excited for her first year at the Triton Times. She hopes to make a difference this year in her writing and […]

Gisele Brandt – Head Editor (2020-21)

Gisele Brandt is a senior at SCHS. Previously she was a yearbook staffer for two years and has participated in cross country and track for all four years of high school. Being a socio-politically aware […]

Mia Costales – News Editor (2020-21)

Mia is a senior at SCHS and entering her second year in newspaper. She hopes to inform students about current events & activities, while writing for the Triton Times. After high school, she plans on […]

Savannah Gresham – Writer (2020-21)

This is Savannah’s first year writing for our school’s acclaimed newspaper, and she’s thrilled to be a part of the program. Savannah loves reading, drawing, and dogs. A real party animal. Driven by the thought […]

Owen Simler – Writer (2020-21)

Owen Simler is in his junior year at San Clemente High School. Owen played two years of soccer at the High-School and now enjoys surfing and spending time with friends. Owen likes going to many […]

Donya Nadjie – Writer (2020-21)

      Donya Nadjie is a junior at San Clemente High School and looking forward to her first year in Newspaper. She has started a club at school where she helps raise money for […]

Jack Harris – Writer (2019-21)

Jack Harris is a Senior at San Clemente High School and currently in his second year as staff for Newspaper. Jack also plays for the soccer team at San Clemente; this year he will return […]

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