Creative Writing – “Stitched”

By Saffron Sener | News Editor “anchor ejected” “Threat detected” “More trouble for” THOSE/ “who helped stop” “the way it deals with” HUMANITY/ “what holds the universe together” WILL/ “continue to lose” “for us as […]

Kelsey’s Pick: Ruin and Rising by Leigh Bardugo

 By Kelsey Morales | Writer October 13, 2015 In Ruin and Rising, the third and final installment of the Young-adult fiction sensation The Grisha Trilogy, New York Times bestselling author Leigh Bardugo concludes the epic tale […]

Pumpkin Spiced Everything

By Taylor Jower | Writer   &   El Seabern | Writer October 7, 2015 Although it still feels like summer for some of us, a transition is occurring into a new holiday season. You don’t want […]

The Importance of Breakfast

By Alexis Weppner | Writer October 8, 2015 Breakfast has been considered the most important meal of the day for years, yet some people still do not know why breakfast is so significant. Studies have […]

Spooky Jams – October Soundtrack

By Jahfreen Alam | Writer   &   Caitlyn Vilar | Newspaper Club Misty midnight strolls, graveyards the scent of petrichor, feet sinking into mossy dirt, spirits serenade the night— and we can’t help but listen. […]

Do You Know Your Marching Band?

By Ethan Partridge | Writer October 14, 2015 We hear them at every football game, but does anyone really know the San Clemente High School Marching Alliance?   What the marching band does behind the scenes seems […]

Outlets at San Clemente Hosts Job Fair

By Brooke Herbes | Writer  &  Masie Velasquez | Writer October 13, 2015 The outlets are coming, and the students of SCHS are anxious and excited, not only for the shopping but for job opportunities. […]

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