COVID ravages college campuses

By Reaghan Mulligan | Opinion Editor September 27, 2020 Bustling campuses, crowded lecture halls, babbling young adults, finding the perfect roommates, and attending parties come to mind when thinking of the stereotypical college experience. All […]

The problem with online learning

By Mia Costales | Writer September 18, 2020 In the golden-age of internet, the prospect of online-learning seemed like the only plausible way to carry out a somewhat normal learning environment from home. However, minorities […]

How TikTok became a toxic platform

By Kate Hedger | Student Life Editor September 20, 2020 Most teenagers’ morning routines go a little something like this: wake up, go on TikTok. Brush teeth, go on TikTok. Eat breakfast, go on TikTok. Get […]

Will Breonna Taylor ever have justice?

By Eden Milligan | Head Editor September 21, 2020 She is everywhere. Her face is on basketball courts and billboards and protest signs. Her name is on petitions and hashtags and tee-shirts worn by celebrities. […]

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