• News

    The most dangerous animal in the world

    By Peyton Gadbury | Opinion Editor May 30, 2019 With 300 teeth that can rip apart almost anything and sand paper skin covered in scars, sharks lurk beneath the surface, drifting from coastline to coastline [...]
  • Arts/Entertainment

    Creative Writing – That feeling of summer

    By: Lang Csira| Writer May 6, 2019 Euphoric Friendship Waking up, clouds spot the sky. Blank expression coated in sleep and the phone rings. Black jeans and a T-shirt off the floor, my keys. Down [...]
  • Showcase

    Senior Barbecue 2019

    By Jason Keany | Editor in Chief May 30, 2019 On Wednesday, the Class of 2019 celebrated their college aspirations at the Senior Barbeque. The exciting moment when everyone represents their future plans on their [...]
  • Columns & Opinion

    Why millennials are screwed

    By: Abigail Calandra| Writer May 30, 2019 Millennials (anyone born between 1982 and 2004 in this context) are going to be the first generation in history to be poorer than our parents. And that’s unfortunate. [...]
  • Arts/Entertainment

    …And Scene! A Farewell to the Drama Season

    By: Lucy Terry | News Editor May 16, 2019 As the end of the school year approaches, we’ve had to say goodbye to our favorite activities at San Clemente High School, including spirit assemblies, sports [...]


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