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    Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s legacy

    By Amy Parr | News Editor September 27, 2020 “When I hear RBG’s name, the first word that comes to mind is pioneer,” senior Jasel Steinmetz said. This is true for most people, but how [...]
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    The shooting of Kurt Andras Reinhold

    By Gisele Brandt | Head Editor September 24, 2020 Kurt Andras Reinhold, a homeless Black man, was shot and killed by police officers on September 23, 2020 on El Camino Real in front of Hotel [...]
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    How TikTok became a toxic platform

    By Kate Hedger | Student Life Editor September 20, 2020 Most teenagers’ morning routines go a little something like this: wake up, go on TikTok. Brush teeth, go on TikTok. Eat breakfast, go on TikTok. Get [...]
  • Showcase

    Senior spotlight: Alika Ting

    By Savannah Gresham | Writer  September 20, 2020 While many teenagers complain about how boring quarantine life has been, senior Alika Ting has found it to be anything but. Despite the circumstances, Ting continues to [...]


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