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    How to fact check social media “news”

    Kate Hedger | Student Life editor November 8, 2020 We have all been in the position where a friend or peer has posted something news-related that seems questionable or untrue. People love to read and [...]
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    Senior spotlight: Matthew Macarewich

    Savannah Gresham | Writer November 8, 2020 Drumline, college applications, and rocket science are just a few items on Senior Matthew Macarewich’s everyday to-do-list. Far from the typical teen, Macarewich has built an extensive resumé [...]
  • Showcase

    Senior spotlight: Riya Khetarpal

    By Lucas Rapeepat | Sports Editor November 1, 2020 Riya Khetarpal’s impact is felt all over the school. Involved in a variety of leadership positions in organizations such as Link Crew, which introduces freshmen to the [...]
  • News

    SARS protests in Nigeria

    By Amy Parr | News Editor November 1, 2020 #EndSARS has been trending across social media platforms for the past couple of weeks, but many are still unclear as to what exactly is going on [...]
  • News

    SCHS students working the 9 to 5

    By Clara Helm | Head Editor November 1, 2020 Every high schooler knows the excitement of turning 16, and with 16 comes the ability to get a job during the school year. Online school has [...]
  • Arts/Entertainment

    Last-minute Halloween ideas

    By Owen Simler | Writer October 30, 2020 Many people love the idea of Halloween and dressing up to escape their real life and enter into the world of fantasy, while everyone else despises dressing [...]


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