• Showcase

    The 2023 Film Festival at SCHS

    Eden Havel | Head editor 23 May, 2023 When it comes to creativity, we have Mr. Bisch to thank for being an advocate creating outlets for students to create, present, and perform their creative work. [...]
  • Columns & Opinion

    The dangers of misinformation

    Tyler Pearce | Head Editor May 19, 2023 The spread of information faces an alarming challenge in our digital age: misinformation. This phenomenon, characterized by the spread of false information without malicious intent, compromises the accuracy [...]
  • Arts/Entertainment

    The 2023 Met Gala

    Kyla Brown | Head Editor May 5, 2023 Celebrities flocked to New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art on Monday, May 1st for the highly anticipated Met Gala. Known as “fashion’s biggest night,” many see [...]
  • Arts/Entertainment

    Summer Blockbusters and Binge Worthy Shows

    Chloe Gerhard | Writer May 5, 2023 With only three weeks until summer, the hot weather and sparkling beaches are not the only things to eagerly await. Movie blockbuster season is upon us, as well [...]


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