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    Honoring the Class of 2018 – Senior Awards

    By: Zoe Day | News Editor Wednesday, May 23, 2018  After four years of hard work, San Clemente High School seniors were recognized for their high school accomplishments at the 2018 Senior Awards ceremony. Like [...]
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    Advice for Future Tritons

    By: Zoe Day | News Editor Wednesday, May 23, 2018 High school can be whatever adjective you choose to put in front of it — exciting, confusing, stressful, wonderful, and maybe all at once. You’ll [...]
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    Survival Guide to Subs

    By: Sydney Burns | Writer May 9, 2018 You’ve been here before; you’re a veteran now. You walk into class and there’s a sub. Here are the only four possible scenarios for what kind of [...]
  • Arts/Entertainment

    Best Video Games of 2017-18

    By: Lucas Henkel | Arts & Entertainment Editor May 11, 2018 Alright. This article is going to be a little weird.  I’m going to hopefully start a little trend here for future years of newspaper to come. Unlikely, [...]
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    A Change of Pace: Block Schedule

    By: Zoe Day | News Editor Wednesday, May 9, 2018 Time at school can feel warped. Some days, a single period can seem to stretch for hours. Other days, it feels like there is never [...]
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    In a Snapshot: The Models & Photographers Society

    By Meghan Byrne | Writer April 27, 2018 Southern California lends itself to creativity. Young people across Orange County find themselves empowered and inspired by the opportunities available in their own communities, accentuated by the [...]


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