Senior year: Heaven or hell?

By: Maile Benumof | Writer October 18, 2019 Four years ago, we started this crazy journey called high school. In only six short months, we’re going to be done. Every class will be taken, every […]

Teens aren’t getting enough sleep

By: Kate Hedger | Writer October 11, 2019 Every day, teenagers are expected to wake up, be on time for school, complete their homework, take part in extracurricular activities, and have a social life. This […]

Consequences of the drone strike in Saudi Arabia

By: Elijah Winn | Editor September 24, 2019 Early dawn on Saturday saw Saudi Arabia’s two major oil facilities attacked by simultaneous missile and drone strikes. Experts say that these attacks have destroyed five percent […]

The San Clemente definition of success

By: Micah Regalado | Editor in Chief September 20, 2019 Due to its broad definition, success remains relative to one’s surrounding environment. The high demand for houses within the beach town of San Clemente has […]

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