Italy descends into facism… again

Jack Wolfsohn | Head Editor September 29th, 2022 History has a tendency to repeat itself. In 1922, Mussolini became the prime minister, then in 1925, a fascist dictator. Mussolini claimed that fascism would end political […]

Why we need the death of TikTok

Jenna Forss | Writer September 23rd, 2022 Your everyday SCHS student has just returned home after a long day at school with a multitude of time-consuming assignments and two-hour sports practice to juggle this afternoon. […]

Airtags: the danger of Apple products

Chloe Ashe | Writer September 20th, 2022 Apple is one of the most successful technology organizations in our world today. Established in 1976, Apple’s founder, Steve Jobs managed to successfully construct and render the making […]

The water crisis in Jackson cannot be ignored

Kyla Brown | Head Editor September 23, 2022 The Mississippi Department of Health issued a boil-water notice in the state’s capital, Jackson, after cloudy water was observed at the city’s main water treatment plant, O.B. […]

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