Goat Yoga Review

Jenna Forss | Writer February 2, 2023 Goat yoga is a new creative fitness phenomenon that is sweeping the globe. With its outwardly quirky appearance it raises the question: is this experience really worth it […]

The best use of $60 (plus tip)

  Shea Gallagher | Student Life Editor February 3, 2023 Whether you are an athlete, adult, student, minor, or essentially anyone with muscle tissue, a massage will do you justice. If you have a bit […]

Prime Energy marketed towards kids

Dylan Backer | Writer/Photographer February 3, 2023 Logan Paul first launched his beverage company, Prime, early last year on January 4, 2022. At the time, Paul’s company featured only one product: a drink similar to […]

New year, new Disney

Avery Kearl | Writer January 27, 2021 Disneyland is known for the joy it brings to the masses and in turn referenced as the happiest place on Earth. Living in southern California has its advantages, […]

The simplicity of Valentine’s day

Gracie Reynolds | Writer January 20th, 2023 Valentine’s is the day for love to be shown and expressed to and from the ones you love. The day is commonly viewed as a romantic holiday, but […]

The downfall of Elon Musk

Chloe Gerhard | Writer January 20, 2023 Elon Musk’s wealth and personality have put him on a pedestal that seems to be cracking, forcing us to wonder if his wealth or fame will survive much […]

Should we be concerned about AI?

Tyler Pearce | Head Editor Jan 20, 2023 Robots are slowly beginning to take over. Luckily, we’re not talking about the overhyped sci-fi idea of robots invading Earth. We’re talking about the rise of artificial intelligence […]

Debt ceiling: should we raise it again?

Jack Wolfsohn | Head Editor 20 January 2023 Over the last decade, the federal government has been spending an enormous amount of money and now its debt has begun to rear its ugly head. There’s […]

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