Debate of The Fly

By Seth Hahn | Writer October 13, 2020 The first and last vice presidential debate for 2020 was beautiful. Obviously, a quality debate such as this deserves to be remembered for a long, long time. […]

Staying safe this Halloween

  By Eden Milligan | Head Editor October 4, 2020 Halloween is arguably the best holiday of them all for its creativity, its thrill, and its uniquely October traditions. Who doesn’t love trick-or-treating, Knott’s Scary […]

The problem with online learning

By Mia Costales | Writer September 18, 2020 In the golden-age of internet, the prospect of online-learning seemed like the only plausible way to carry out a somewhat normal learning environment from home. However, minorities […]

How TikTok became a toxic platform

By Kate Hedger | Student Life Editor September 20, 2020 Most teenagers’ morning routines go a little something like this: wake up, go on TikTok. Brush teeth, go on TikTok. Eat breakfast, go on TikTok. Get […]

Will Breonna Taylor ever have justice?

By Eden Milligan | Head Editor September 21, 2020 She is everywhere. Her face is on basketball courts and billboards and protest signs. Her name is on petitions and hashtags and tee-shirts worn by celebrities. […]

Masks: an American political issue

By: Kaitlyn Harsey | Editor & Jill Greene | Editor  Many believe that wearing a face mask and social distancing will reduce the spread of COVID-19, while others value their own well being over the […]

NBA boycotts: the road to change

By: Ben Cooper | Writer & Seth Hahn | Writer  September 10, 2020 “[explicit] THIS MAN!!!!! WE DEMAND CHANGE. SICK OF IT,” Lakers Star LeBron James said August 26, on Twitter, as his team battled […]

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