New Starbucks summer menu review!

Jenna Forss | Arts & Entertainment Editor May 21, 2024 After the controversial Starbucks “spicy refreshers,” Starbucks decided to make up for its distasteful mistake by releasing a new, creative menu of summer drinks, promising […]

The decline in dances

Taylor Van Dijk | Opinion Editor May 7, 2024 During all of the planning of pictures, dinners, and dates surrounding school dances, the period before these events is defined by the undeniable buzz circulating in […]

Angels baseball game: food edition

Gracie Reynolds | Writer April 29, 2024 Have you ever gone to a sports event, passed by all the food, and craved it all…? Well, I always do. Especially in an Angels baseball game. Walking […]

Is the Brandy Melville Café worth the hype?

Jenna Forss | Arts & Entertainment March 26, 2023 Even if you have never stepped foot inside the world renowned “Brandy Melville” you have definitely witnessed the iconic “Brandy Girls.” Bearing their iconic striped black […]

How to deal with college rejections

Eden Havel | Head editor & Newsroom manager March 19, 2024 As college decisions begin to trickle in one by one, this season is filled with anxiety, excitement, and big dreams fueled solely by helpless […]

I visited a cult just 30 minutes away

Emma Barbernell | Writer & Photographer March 18, 2024 It all started after a Sunday at the local farmers market. I was making my rounds and stopped to try a juice sample, it was absolutely delicious: […]

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