How to Find Your Passion

By: Sydney Burns | Writer May 24, 2018 For the past four years in high school, I struggled with “finding my passion” or what I love so much that I would want to do it […]

Prom 2018 Review – “Midnight in Manhattan”

By: Morgan Thomas | Opinion Editor   &   Courtney McDonald | Writer May 24, 2018 Although last year’s Titanic prom theme was extremely subpar at best, this disappointment was nothing compared to this years prom, which […]

The Posting POTUS: Where do we draw the line?

By: Morgan Thomas | Opinion Editor   &   Courtney McDonald | Writer May 24, 2018 With a new court ruling stating that President Trump cannot block critical users on his favorite social media platform, Twitter, a […]

A Woman’s Right to Choose

By: Savi Raghuraman | Student Life Editor & Lucy Terry | Student Life Editor May 9, 2018 While many anti-abortionists argue that from the moment of conception the unborn “child” deserves the same rights as […]

Addressing Orange County Homelessness

By, Jackson Hinkle Homelessness is not a crime. Unfortunately, as police continue to break up encampments and incarcerate the homeless population, they are restricting their access to social services, undercutting their odds of employability, closing […]

Why Community College Isn’t a Drag

By: Sydney Burns | Writer April 13, 2018 Dear Struggling Senior, As college acceptances are received by your peers and you know you’re headed for a community college, don’t lose hope in your “college experience” […]

The #MeToo Movement’s Work is Far From Over

By: Savi Raghuraman | Student Life Editor March 23, 2018 In October of last year, the Harvey Weinstein scandal shook Hollywood to its core, spurring survivors of sexual assault and harassment to come together to […]

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