Overview of public school food options

  Gracie Reynolds | Writer February 15, 2024 Since many students do not bring a lunch or any food to school, they usually rely on getting snacks from the school cafeteria or the vending machines […]

Is it bad to bully celebrities?

Sophie Rapeepat | Head Editor February 14, 2024 Celebrities aren’t real people. They live in a world so publicized and glamorous that their lives couldn’t possibly be anything like ours. It’s true that making your […]

Best spring break destinations of 2024

Carly Altman | Writer February 15, 2024 A spring break vacation is the perfect opportunity to get away from school and travel to new, exciting places around the world. While it may seem a bit […]

Percy Jackson and the Olympians review

Jordyn Banks | Writer February 8, 2024 Over a decade ago, two adaptations of Rick Riordan’s best-selling books The Lightning Thief and Sea of Monsters performed poorly at the box office, leaving fans and Riordan […]

Do hobbies add to your intelligence?

  Sienna Miller  | News Editor January 24, 2024 Intellect is often based on IQ and other tests, but what really develops a smarter human? How can you prepare yourself to achieve the most throughout […]

What makes a “good” person?

Sophie Rapeepat | Head Editor January 29, 2024 Being both an overthinker and an insomniac is a cruel combination and makes for a tedious nightly routine. When I can’t sleep, my mind combs through each second […]

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