Mr. Miller – Advisor

Mr. Miller is entering his sixth year serving as the Newspaper Adviser at San Clemente High. A 2005 SCHS grad himself, Mr. Miller went on to UC Davis to earn a degree in English, while working as […]

Julia Wengier – Editor in Chief

Julia Wengier is a senior who moved to San Clemente from South Florida last year. This is her second year writing for the Triton Times, but her third year writing for a school newspaper. Julia […]

Micah Regalado – Editor in Chief

Micah Regalado is a senior at San Clemente High School and plays both Basketball and Volleyball on campus. In his free time, Micah enjoys relaxing beach and hiking throughout nature. Micah has already summited Mount […]

Sophia Burick – Editor in Chief

Sophia Burick is a senior and this is her first year writing for the Triton Times. She hopes that she’s able to elevate the voice and impact of the Triton Times as Editor in Chief. […]

Maxine Davey — Head Editor

Max is excited to join the Triton Times staff! Her biggest goal is to write such provoking opinion pieces that she receives hate mail. Her hobbies include stocking up on Trader Joe’s pumpkin muffins in […]

Julia Wilson – Head Editor

Welcome to flavor town! My name is Julia Wilson, I am a 17 years of age, aspiring to become a famous sound cloud rapper before Sophia Burick steals my fame. I enjoy candle-lit dinners and […]

Abigail Calandra – Head Editor

Abigail Calandra is a senior at San Clemente High School and a second year Triton Times staff member. She’s a (slightly uncoordinated) Varsity cheerleader and a Just Dance champion. Her biggest accomplishment is breaking five […]

Jack Sorenson – Head Editor

Jack Sorenson is a senior at San Clemente this year, and is excited to be a Head Editor for the newspaper. Jack enjoys spending time outdoors, hanging out with friends and family, and keeping his […]

Lexi Gruszczynski – Photo Editor

Lexi Gruszczynski is currently a senior at San Clemente High School. She enjoys playing volleyball and hanging out with her friends at the beach. If she is not hanging out with her friends or playing volleyball, […]

Sabrina Spunt – Advertising Manager

Sabrina Spunt is a junior at SCHS entering her first year in the highly acclaimed Triton Times. She has a growing passion for writing, and hopes to improve her skills through working with other journalists. When […]

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