The 51st State? – Leeds United FC.

Enzo Candolo | Sports Editor February 3, 2023 Americans playing soccer in Europe’s top leagues has been a rare occurrence for years, and the number of American playing soccer in the English premier league has […]

2022 World Cup: filled with upsets and protests

December 9, 2022 Sienna Taus | Writer Qatar is a country that has been surrounded by controversy for its poor treatment of migrants, blatant discrimination against women and LGBTQ+ people, and inadequate protection of human rights.  […]

MSU jumping: A deeper dive into the situation

Enzo Candolo | Sports Editor November 4, 2022 This past Saturday the Michigan University Wolverines hosted the Michigan State Spartans otherwise known as MSU, in Ann Harbor. A college football rivalry like no other.  Historically […]

A few thoughts about the NFC

Enzo Candolo | Sports Editor October 7, 2022 Hopefully my NFC thoughts go a little better than my AFC predictions that were indeed a little too early. The NFL, now heading into Week 5, has […]

Too early AFC predictions

Enzo Candolo | Sports Editor September 9, 2022  Early on in this already exciting National Football League (NFL)  season, there’s so much to report on. Injuries, slow starts, and tough schedules have held back some […]

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