Money (as usual) the focus of MLB lockout

Jack Hagen | Sports Editor January 21, 2022 49 days ago, Major League Baseball (MLB) commissioner Rob Manfred initiated a “lockout.” Now what does this really mean? In simple terms, the players are temporarily unemployed […]

NFL Wildcard preview and predictions

Lucas Rapeepat | Head Editor January 13, 2022 After the final seconds of the last game of the NFL season, the playoffs are set, as fourteen teams remain in the hunt for the Lombardi trophy. […]

NFL playoff picture

Jack Hagen | Sports Editor December 12, 2021 As the NFL season comes to an end, we are starting to see some clear front runners for the 2021-22 Super Bowl. Though there are a few […]

How the Lakers can get back on track

Ben Cooper | Sports Editor December 3, 2021 It has been a disappointing start for a restocked Los Angeles Lakers team. Although entering the season with championship aspirations, all of the team’s offseason transactions fallen […]

How the evolved Warriors are back on top

Lucas Rapeepat | Head Editor December 6, 2021 Two years removed from their last championship berth and three from their last world championship, the Warriors are back in contention, off to a blistering 18-3 record […]

MLB offseason winners and losers so far

Jack Hagen | Sports Editor December 6, 2021 The past few weeks have been quite eventful in the baseball world. Numerous stars have signed massive contracts with new teams as rosters seem to be shuffling […]

The Atlanta Braves: World Series Champions

Jack Hagen | Sports Editor November 7, 2021 Tuesday, the Atlanta Braves won their first World Series in 26 years with seemingly the entire country on their side. Their opponent, the Houston Astros, are possibly […]

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