The Struggle is Real

By: Sean Turcotte | Writer  & Zac Skov | Writer September 27, 2017 The word “school” alone can be one of the most terrifying things to hear. The books that seem to weigh a thousand pounds, the […]

A Different Perspective

By: Zac Skov | Writer   &   Sean Turcotte | Writer September 12, 2017 Fridays are seen by many as a gateway to the weekend and a time to relax, but to the rowdy students of […]

D1 Bound Athletes at SCHS

By: Shay Hefft | Sports Editor   &   Ally Vandixhorn | Writer September 13, 2017 San Clemente High School has over 1,400 student athletes on 67 athletic teams. With these numbers and the high […]

The Life of a San Clemente Cheerleader

By: Makena Spencer | Writer September 12, 2017 When you think of a typical cheerleader you think of popularity, prep, and pom poms; however, taking a deeper look into the life of Jaz Riggs, senior […]

The 2017 Best in Sports at SCHS

By: Max Jonnaert | Sports Editor May 25, 2017 This year has been marked by great success in our athletic programs. From state championships to league titles, South Coast League MVPs to other individual successes […]

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