Colin Kaepernick Nike Ad Stirs Controversy

By: Adeeb Bayat | Writer September 11th, 2018 On Friday, Nike debuted a new ad featuring none other than the most controversial sports player in America, Colin Kaepernick. The ad shows scenes of athletes of […]

A Successful Season – Girls Swim Team

Courtney McDonald | Writer May 4, 2018 Although having a short season, SCHS’s Girls Swim team has not hesitated to blow their competition out of the water. This year their season has only lasted about […]

Student Athlete Profile- Stolie Erikson

  By: Shay Hefft | Sports Editor April 24, 2018 Playing high school sports is always competitive, especially at San Clemente High School. Freshman Stolie Erickson made varsity lacrosse her freshman year, a huge accomplishment. Over the […]

Boys’ Soccer Recap – A Wild Ride

By: Shay Hefft | Sports Editor   &   Ally Van Dixhorn | Writer March 20th, 2018 After a long and hard season of ups and downs, the boys’ soccer season has sadly come to an end. The boys accomplished […]

Current Players vs. Alumni – SCHS Baseball

By: Shay Hefft | Sports Editor February 13th, 2018 A huge part of baseball is tradition. It is tradition to play with heart and grit. On Saturday, February 10th, the San Clemente High School Baseball program welcomed […]

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