Too early AFC predictions

Enzo Candolo | Sports Editor September 9, 2022  Early on in this already exciting National Football League (NFL)  season, there’s so much to report on. Injuries, slow starts, and tough schedules have held back some […]

Beloved water polo coach returns

Dylan Backer | Writer   &   Otto Schniepp | Writer September 14, 2022 In the summer before the year 2022, the legendary water polo coach Logan Powell steps back into the light and returns back to […]

Shuffling the deck: 2022 NFL draft

Ben Cooper | Sports Editor & Lucas Rapeepat | Head Editor May 16, 2022 In the wake of the 2022 NFL draft, fans and analysts have scrutinized teams’ picks, predicting which rookies will break out […]

Will this be the best NBA Playoffs ever?

Ben Cooper | Sports Editor April 22, 2022 The most exciting time of the NBA season has arrived with the much anticipated playoffs. There is intense competition in the league right now, with many teams […]

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