The Atlanta Braves: World Series Champions

Jack Hagen | Sports Editor November 7, 2021 Tuesday, the Atlanta Braves won their first World Series in 26 years with seemingly the entire country on their side. Their opponent, the Houston Astros, are possibly […]

Will Anthony Davis take home MVP?

Ben Cooper | Sports Editor November 5, 2021 The NBA season is underway, and it is primed to be one of the most competitive seasons yet. There are a plethora of very talented teams after […]

Football’s self-imploading head coaches

Jack Hagen | Sports Editor October 22, 2021 The past few weeks, it seems that head football coaches everywhere are being taken down by their own poor choices off the field. First, it was Jacksonville […]

Will the Lakers big three deliver a title?

Ben Cooper | Sports Editor October 16, 2021 The NBA season is quickly approaching, kicking off on Tuesday. There are two games on Tuesday’s slate, with the Milwaukee Bucks facing the Brooklyn Nets and the […]

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