LA hotspots for the arts

    Writer | Chloe Gerhard May 19, 2023 Los Angeles is a hot spot for the arts with a multitude of concert venues and art museums. Summer is on the horizon. LA being only […]

The 2023 Met Gala

Kyla Brown | Head Editor May 5, 2023 Celebrities flocked to New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art on Monday, May 1st for the highly anticipated Met Gala. Known as “fashion’s biggest night,” many see […]

Hot Take: Instagram Reels>TikTok

May 5, 2023 Jenna Forss | Writer If you want a guaranteed cringe, just tap on Instagram and scroll over to the Reels. You will find some of the most out-of-touch, outlandish humor. It is […]

Backseat Lovers on tour

Sienna Taus  | Writer April 30, 2023 The Backstreet Lovers are an indie-rock band that have produced two amazing albums and multiple hit singles. The band is currently on tour and traveling all across the […]

Snapchat introduces new friend

Gaby Peña | Writer April 28, 2023 Last week, Snapchat released a new update which included an AI feature for everybody’s accounts. These AI’s are customizable so that all Snapchat users can personalize their AI’s […]

900 new parking spots!

Claire Hedger  | Writer April 1, 2023 The news that all sophomores and juniors have been waiting for, more parking spots! Days of scavenging for hidden spots, dreading the treacherous journey to upper campus, and […]

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