Thor: Ragnarok Movie Review

By: Morgan Creek | Opinion Editor November 5, 2017 Thor: Ragnarok, the third installment of the Thor films (following Thor and Thor: The Dark World), was released November 3. In his latest quest, Thor must attempt to […]

See Ya Krikorian

By: Sydney Burns |Writer November 15th, 2017 Krikorian Theatres announced its closing on November 2, 2017. With 20 years of business, Krikorian left a heart-felt message on the windows to all San Clemente movie goers: “Thank you […]

Game Review – Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

By: Lucas Henkel | Arts & Entertainment Editor November 17, 2017 If you take a couple steps back, you have to marvel at how far the Wolfenstein series has come. Starting out with the original classic by id Software, Wolfenstein 3D. Not […]

Creative Writing – “Her Ladybug”

By: Miles Estrada | Writer (Fiction) October 31, 2017 She always desired a ladybug of her own. When she first saw one crawling about a boy’s books in her history class, she said pleadingly “I […]

A-Z Halloween Costume Ideas

By: Shay Hefft | Sports Editor   &   Ally Van Dixhorn | Writer October 10th, 2017 Halloween is right around the corner and people are already planning their costumes! The amount of different Halloween costumes that exists is […]

Creative Writing – “Wings”

By: Miles Estrada | Writer (Fiction) October 13, 2017 My brother Gainsborough had persisted to the rest of us in the nest that he absolutely hated his wings. Unlike us, he had been born with […]

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