Remembering Robert Hunter’s legacy

By: Mia Costales| Writer September 27, 2019 The Grateful Dead has impacted the lives of millions with their psychedelic improvisation and poetic lyrics, but sadly one of the greatest contributors to the band, Robert Hunter, […]

Mario Kart Tour: What’s hot in gaming

  By: Oyuky Bahena | Editor September 26, 2019 There is a distinct fondness in high school students’ hearts when it comes to…well, anything Mario-related, really. It gives them the ability to go back to […]

It’s the time for TikTok!

By: Tessa Van Winkle | Writer September 25, 2019 Tiktok is a social media platform which is becoming immensely popular amongst teens. The app was launched by ByteDance in September of 2017, and is currently […]

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