Noah Schnapp criticized for Zionist views

  Jordyn Banks | Writer January 24, 2024 Amid Stranger Things season 5 production, Netflix star Noah Schnapp has taken to social media to express his views on the Israel-Hamas war, prompting many Stranger Things […]

Gypsy Rose released from prison

Claire Hedger| Arts & Entertainment Editor and Social Media Manager January 25, 2024 On December 28, 2023, Gypsy Rose Blanchard was officially released on parole after serving eight of her ten-year sentence. Upon reentering society, […]

Saltburn review

  Emma Barbernell | Writer & Photographer January 27, 2024 Bored rotten tomato users are saying how the movie Saltburn is a bad remake of The Talented Mr. Ripley; however, on the contrary, I am here […]

Did we really need more Mean Girls?

Sophia Bird | Writer January 18, 2024 The release of Mean Girls (2024) was something that no Mean Girls fan was looking forward to. While it was announced in 2020, many fans, including senior Madeline […]

Is “Dad Rock” making a comeback?

  Trevor Ponsen | Writer December 18, 2023 In a day in age where most music is produced on a computer with endless possibilities of sounds and songs, classic “Dad Rock” seems to be making […]

SAG-AFTRA strike ends with official deal

  Claire Pham | News Editor December 7, 2023 After a historic 118-day strike, SAG-AFTRA made a tentative deal with The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers which is the group that negotiates on […]

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