Album Review: Red (Taylor’s Version)

Brooklyn Staab |Opinion Editor & Publicity Manager December 3, 2021 Nearly a decade ago in the fall of 2012, Taylor Swift released her fourth studio album, Red. The original country-pop album, with hit songs like “22,” […]

“Dune” makes a play for film of the year

Aaron Velez | News Editor November 4, 2021 On October 22, director Denis Villeneuve’s highly anticipated film, Dune, was released in theaters and on HBO Max. The film has an extremely renowned cast; Timothée Chalamet, […]

Joe Goldberg’s latest adventures

Amy Parr | Head Editor October 31, 2021 You took the world by storm in September 2018 with its’ debut season, and the hype has yet to die down. The Netflix Original revolves around self-proclaimed […]

The return of Adele

Daniella Flores | Writer October 24, 2o21 After years away, the queen of heartbreak anthems is back. Through the best of the best and the worst of the worst, Adele has been with us through […]

“Kanye West” is no more

Aaron Velez | News Editor October 22, 2021  Rapper and designer Kanye West as we knew him is gone — that is, he is now simply known as “Ye.” The request was approved on Monday […]

Are movie theaters dying?

Robert Schumacher | Writer October 13, 2021 Movie theaters are dying. There is no question that the age of digital media is taking its toll on the box office. Streaming services like Netflix and Hulu […]

Dear Evan Hansen: illness or immoral?

Amy Parr | Head Editor September 30, 2021 Dear Evan Hansen shattered records and hearts alike when it premiered on Broadway in the fall of 2016. The musical follows the story of a high school boy, […]

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