First 100 Days

By, Meghan Serceki | Opinion Editor May 3, 2017 Saturday, April 29, 2017 marks the hundredth day of Donald Trump’s presidency. Nearly a week prior to this landmark, Trump tweeted, “No matter how much I […]

Welcoming New ASB Elected Officials

          By: Camryn Ostrander | Writer/Photographer  &  Kenzie McKinnon | Writer/Photographer April 18, 2017 As summer slowly approaches, and seniors start saying their goodbyes, San Clemente has to undergo major changes before […]

World Water Day Makes a Splash

By: Peyton Lee | Student Life Editor April 1, 2017 On Thursday, March 30, San Clemente High School students set up a table in front of the library at lunch in honor of world water […]

Travel Ban Creates Turbulence Across the Nation

By: Meghan Serceki | Opinion Editor February 7, 2017 Just last weekend, the signing of a new executive order banning all travelers from seven “muslim-majority” nations prompted confusion, chaos, and protests at airports across the nation. […]

Anti DAPL Protest

By: Josh Greene | Media Editor   &   Sara Barnes | Newspaper Manager February 3, 2017 Two hundred voices rang through the streets of Del Mar Saturday January 28th, accompanied by the pounding of […]

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