The most dangerous animal in the world

By Peyton Gadbury | Opinion Editor May 30, 2019 With 300 teeth that can rip apart almost anything and sand paper skin covered in scars, sharks lurk beneath the surface, drifting from coastline to coastline […]

Reconstructing Notre Dame

By: Sofia Helmle | Writer May 31, 2019 After the devastating fire that caused the collapse of the spire as well as a large portion of the ceiling, many French architects are working to propose […]

Georgia passes “Heartbeat” Bill

By: Nina Kanani | Writer May 10, 2019 On Tuesday May 7, Georgia‚Äôs Republican Governor Brian Kemp, signed legislation that bans abortions once a fetal heartbeat is detected; this can occur as early as six […]

New building plans in San Clemente

By: Peyton Gadbury | Opinion Editor April 25, 2019 Earlier this year, developers announced the construction of new buildings in San Clemente, including the popular burger franchise In-N-Out and beloved fast-food establishment, Chick-fil-A, along with […]

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