How erosion is devastating San Clemente

Trevor Ponsen | Writer September 21, 2023 As any local of San Clemente knows, the recent landslides have become an ever-increasing threat to our beachside life. But is there much to worry about? The landslides […]

The hidden evils of USA Gymnastics

Nicolle Generaux | Editor-in-Chief September 14, 2023 A scandal regarding covered-up incidents of sexual abuse in USA Gymnastics broke national news in 2015. Six years ago, more than 150 female ex-gymnasts testified in court that […]

Steve Harwell’s tragic death

Sophia Bird | Writer September 5, 2023 Shrek is a movie that has raised a whole generation. Ask anyone from Gen Z what they think about Shrek, and I can guarantee you that they will […]

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