Remembering Mr. Lovett

Amy Parr | Head Editor March 25 started out like any ordinary Friday morning for San Clemente High School students and staff. This illusion of normalcy was shattered with an email delivering the news of […]

Ways to support Ukraine

Nicolle Generaux | Arts & Entertainment March 18, 2022 Ukraine is in trouble – the war with Russia has been, to say the least, demanding of the Ukrainian military and the citizens. Along with a […]

Putin accused of war crimes

Nicolle Generaux | A&E Editor March 13, 2022 As the death count for Ukrainian civilians surpasses 750 after only a week of war with Russia, political leaders of Ukraine and the United States have started […]

Good news this week

Eden Havel | News editor March 10, 2022 Let’s be honest: these past few months have been chaotic, and it’s all too easy to focus on the bad in the world when it can be […]

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