Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Compean

By Anthony Wu | Head Editor October 1st, 2022 “I love seeing math click on students’ faces,” Mrs. Compean said, “and if I can cause one person to have that “Aha!” moment every day, it’s […]

Hurricane Fiona wreaks havoc on Puerto Rico

Gaby Peña | Writer September 30, 2022 On September 28, 2022, Hurricane Fiona passed through the small island of Puerto Rico, leaving behind many frustrated citizens. In the days leading up to it, residents of […]

AI art: creation or replication?

AJ Cabagbag | Student Life Editor September 30, 2022 We have seen technology excel in mechanical precision and accuracy, however, it is now taking its capabilities to the next level with its application in art. […]

Movie Review: Don’t Worry Darling

September 30, 2022 Sophie Echternach | News Editor Arguably the most anticipated movie premiere of the year, Olivia Wilde’s Don’t Worry Darling is officially here, and, boy, is there a lot to unpack. Filming for […]

Italy descends into facism… again

Jack Wolfsohn | Head Editor September 29th, 2022 History has a tendency to repeat itself. In 1922, Mussolini became the prime minister, then in 1925, a fascist dictator. Mussolini claimed that fascism would end political […]

Smashing innovation: NASA’s DART

Otto Schniepp | Writer September 30th, 2022 We have done it. We made a new, yet primitive, way to get revenge for the dinosaurs and protect Earth. The DART. The DART is a satellite that […]

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