Why are Temu’s prices so low?

  Jordyn Banks | Writer February 21, 2023 During the Super Bowl commercials, you may have seen a brand promoted called Temu with the catchphrase, “Shop Like a Billionaire.” The brand spent millions of dollars […]

Kansas City Super Bowl parade shooting

Charlotte Yeskulsky | Head Editor February 18, 2024 The joyous celebration that followed the recent Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl victory turned tragic as a shooting halted the victory parade, leaving the community in shock […]

Should influencers be allowed at award shows?

Chloe Gerhard | Writer February 22, 2024 On February 18th, the People’s Choice Awards took place, and a video taken of Billie Eilish talking with Kylie Minogue sparked an online debate; should influencers be invited […]

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