Jam Out with “The Wedding Singer”

By: Courtney McDonald | Student Life Editor September 25, 2018 Here comes the bride! In the San Clemente High School drama department’s latest installment, “The Wedding Singer” leaves the audience shimmying in their seats and […]

Everyone is Crazy for “Crazy Rich Asians”

By: Amanda Cichewicz and Jorjiana Haumea | Photographers September 11, 2018 The romantic comedy “Crazy Rich Asians” has people all over the world out of their seats wondering what is going to happen next. Featuring […]

China’s Waste Ban Creates Global Recycling Crisis

By: Gabe Govi | Multimedia September 10, 2018 China, a country shaped by world-wide mass consumer production, has begun enforcing a new environmental initiative with potential to reduce its carbon footprint and remove their label as ‘the […]

Senior Summer Vacations

By: Samantha Gill & Brittany Leung | Photographers September 11, 2018 As summer comes to an end, we reflect back on some of our fellow students’  trips taken around the world. San Clemente High School […]

10 Things to Do Before Graduation

By: Flynn Lloyd | Editor in Chief September 13, 2018 We’ve made it to the final countdown! Four years ago, we started this journey and now, Class of 2019, it is the last year of […]

The Beginning of the End: Senior Sunrise

By: Courtney McDonald | Student Life Editor September 12, 2018 As the 2018-19 school year begins, seniors begin the final stretch of their high school career. It’s appears as if it has crept up on […]

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