Censorship and the suppression of free speech

  Savannah Gresham | Writer January 18, 2021 2020 has placed enormous pressure on social networks to monitor their platforms and try to prevent a hotbed of misinformation. In response, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other […]

Arrests made at large parties in Los Angeles

Danielle Generaux | Student Life Editor January 18, 2021 As of January 14, 2021, there have been 975,299 cases and 13,234 deaths caused by coronavirus in California. However, a return to lockdown and clear coronavirus guidelines […]

Statewide “Let them Play” Rallies

Jack Harris | Writer January 17, 2021 Amidst the constantly growing numbers of COVID cases in the US, high school sports are being put further into jeopardy of whether they will be played or not. […]

How to start your year off right

Eden Milligan | Head Editor January 15, 2020 Everyone welcomed 2021 after the absolute mess of a year that was 2020, but it is important to remember that although the year ended, COVID-19 did not. […]

Senior Spotlight: Skylar Ruffner

Jill Greene | Head Editor January 14, 2021 Skylar Ruffner is an unstoppable force at San Clemente High School. A senior, Ruffner has maximized her time here by taking part in a variety of rigorous courses […]

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