Club Profile – Inspire to Be

By: Lauren Stewart | Writer & Photographer May 18, 2018 One Town, One Team is the mantra at San Clemente High School, and while most relate that to our celebrated football team, it also applies […]

Creative Writing – “Small Fry”

By: Miles Estrada | Writer (Fiction) May 24th, 2018 When one Miss Nesbit of Chesire had noticed nearly all means of electrical power in the house were universally recalcitrant, she promptly rang up the local electrician, so […]

Looking Back on Junior Year

By: Savi Raghuraman | Student Life Editor May 23, 2018 As we approach the end of the school year, the junior class’s level of impatience for summer is likely surpassing that of their previous years […]

How to Find Your Passion

By: Sydney Burns | Writer May 24, 2018 For the past four years in high school, I struggled with “finding my passion” or what I love so much that I would want to do it […]

Prom 2018 Review – “Midnight in Manhattan”

By: Morgan Thomas | Opinion Editor   &   Courtney McDonald | Writer May 24, 2018 Although last year’s Titanic prom theme was extremely subpar at best, this disappointment was nothing compared to this years prom, which […]

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