Movie Review: Jesus Revolution

Sophie Echternach | News Editor March 10, 2023 While it may be known as the decade of bell bottoms and disco, the 1970’s brought much more than just that. It brought the “Jesus Freaks.”  The […]

Is Tik Tok Chinese spyware?

Olivia Vergopia | Writer March 9, 2023 TikTok is officially on the chopping block with notable individuals accusing  TikTok of being “Chinese spyware” and that their “data could end up in the hands of the […]

North West takes over Tik Tok

Sienna Taus  | Writer March 10, 2023 This is North West’s first time with her own social media account to really connect with the public. She has 15.1 million followers on Tiktok and a shared […]

Senior assassins ’23

Anthony Wu | Head Editor March 10, 2023 It’s back to that time of year where San Clemente High students are gearing-up to stalk, backstab, and assassinate their opponents in a game that gives no […]


March 10, 2023 AJ Cabagbag | Student Life Editor Returning to the big screen again, Adonis “Donnie” Creed makes another appearance to showcase his boxing in the new movie Creed III. Directed as his directorial […]

The ethical dilemma of animal dissection

Avery Kearl | Writer March 10, 2023 Animal dissection is a controversial practice that has been a part of medical education for centuries. It is a process of dissecting animals to study their anatomy and […]

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