Kendrick vs Drake lore breakdown

Emma Barbernell | Writer & Photographer May 8, 2024 Over the weekend, two of the most famous rappers in the world dropped diss tracks aimed at each other, resulting in the public debate: TEAM DRAKE? or […]

The decline in dances

Taylor Van Dijk | Opinion Editor May 7, 2024 During all of the planning of pictures, dinners, and dates surrounding school dances, the period before these events is defined by the undeniable buzz circulating in […]

Hot yoga and its benifits

Claire Hedger | Arts & Entertainment Manager/Social Media Manager May 2, 2024 I’m sure most people have heard or tried yoga at least once in their life. Yoga, known for its gentle stretches and challenging […]

Coachella versus Stagecoach

Chloe Gerhard | Writer May 2, 2024 Last month was the kick-off to festival season with Coachella starting on April 14th and Stagecoach ending on April 28th. Both music festivals not only occurred back to […]

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