The downfall of the digital age

  Tyler Pearce | Head Editor March 15, 2024 1000 dollar loan. The U.S. House of Representatives have made a key move that could lead to the banning of TikTok, a site used daily by today’s […]

The new digital SAT: for better or for worse?

  Carly Altman | Writer March 14, 2024 Most high school students are familiar with the SAT, a standardized test commonly used in senior-year college applications. Administered by College Board, the SAT tests student knowledge […]

Full-scale SCHS gym renewal

Taylor Van Dijk | Opinion Editor March 17, 2024 As stated in the motto, “one town, one team,” San Clemente High School is united by what we excel at– sports. San Clemente dominates athletically across […]

Why we should let ourselves be bored

Olivia Vergopia | Head Editor March 17, 2024 We’ve all turned to our phones when we get bored- they’re a single tap away. Our phones connect us to the world around us and to news stories, […]

The fifth grand slam? BNP Paribas Open

Jordyn Banks | Writer March 12, 2023 Tennis is growing rapidly. Maybe not faster than pickleball, but rapidly nonetheless. Although the sport’s popularity declined from 2010 to 2019, when COVID hit, it reignited love for […]

The next Tyreek Hill: meet Xavier Worthy

David Rudnicki | Sports Editor March 12, 2024 In the world of sports, some athletes stand out for their exceptional abilities, and then there’s Xavier Worthy. This young wide receiver from the University of Texas at […]

Trader Joe’s soup dumplings recalled

  Claire Pham | News Editor March 12, 2024 U.S. regulators announced on Saturday, June 3rd that over 61,000 pounds of Trader Joe’s steamed chicken soup dumplings were being recalled for possible contamination. The soup […]

Miami is breaking up with spring break

Claire Hedger | Arts & Entertainment/Social Media Manager March 12, 2024 For decades, Miami’s beaches, vibrant nightlife, and welcoming climate have made it a top destination for spring breakers from around the nation. However, the […]

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