The truth about speech writing

By Peyton Gadbury | Opinion Editor May 16, 2019 Writing a speech is not glamorous by any means, unlike the actual delivery. It’s an ugly process filled with procrastination, frustration, and—after many, many rewrites—contentment. Figuring […]

Should we separate art from the artist?

By: Reid Corley | Writer When celebrities engage in inappropriate conduct, how should we react to the art they create? Should we boycott their films, their music, their writing? What about others involved in the […]

2019 Champions League Final preview

By Evan Dillbeck | Writer June 1, 2019 This Saturday, the UEFA Champions League Final takes place in Madrid, Spain as two English teams, Liverpool and Tottenham, battle for the crown of Europe’s best. This […]

Why millennials are screwed

By: Abigail Calandra| Writer May 30, 2019 Millennials (anyone born between 1982 and 2004 in this context) are going to be the first generation in history to be poorer than our parents. And that’s unfortunate. […]

Reconstructing Notre Dame

By: Sofia Helmle | Writer May 31, 2019 After the devastating fire that caused the collapse of the spire as well as a large portion of the ceiling, many French architects are working to propose […]

Lady Triton Bowl 2019

By: Lang Csira | Writer 05/17/19 What the heck is the Lady Triton Bowl? It is an annual, two quarter flag-football game between junior girls and senior girls (both forming respective teams). The teams are […]

Car Chronicles: Sunset Gran Turismo

By Eva Gardner | Photographer May 20, 2019 Los Angeles, California: the epitome of luxury, comfort, and sick cars. Sunset Boulevard is the ideal spot to host a hypercar show featuring tons of cars that […]

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