Club Profile: Make-a-Wish

By: Piper Biolos | Writer  &  Kate Hedger| Writer September 13, 2019 The returning San Clemente High School club, Make-a-Wish, led by club President Ryann Leff, raises money for kids with life threatening illnesses. The […]

A rundown of homeroom

By: Sabrina Spunt &  Lilah Kopenhefer | Writers September 6, 2019 Starting the 2019-20 school year, San Clemente High School has implemented a new program called Homeroom. It is a Link Crew-led replacement of student […]

The impact of Cool To Be Kind

By: Makena Viera and Ava Sinacori | Writers September 5, 2019 Under the beating sun, hundreds of students crammed together this past Wednesday on the San Clemente High School campus with hopes of signing up […]

Why hate is not a political opinion

By: Julia Wengier | Editor in Chief September 5, 2019 In a time where the country is so vastly divided on a number of different issues, extremities exist in both directions. Meanwhile, everyone is told […]

Stars of the Triton Film Festival

By: Flynn Lloyd | Editor in Chief March 30th, 2019 The annual Triton Film Festival was this past Tuesday, May 21st, and participants blew their audience away. The little theatre was filled with the filmmakers’ […]

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