The Amazon is Dying

Grace Parry | Writer January 14, 2021 The Amazon Rainforest and Brazilian Pantanal are two of the most valuable ecosystems on Earth. The Amazon is the largest rainforest on Earth, and it is essential to […]

Music class?

Seth Hahn | Writer January 9, 2021 From the beginning of the school year, my biggest question about how the school would be run was music class. Near the beginning, most of the class functioned […]

Ms. Washington, a true asset to SCHS

Mirca Gomez | Writer January 7, 2021 Our school would not be as successful without individuals like Ms. Washington, who spend countless hours working for the benefit of her students. She is not only a […]

A.N.T. Farm- just a few talented SCHS students

Sosie Casteel | Writer January 12, 2021 From stacked sports teams to accomplished campus clubs, SCHS has no shortage of gifted students. Besides school-recognized abilities, however, we also have many students with highly unique and impressive […]

You just got the COVID Vaccine-now what?

  By Reaghan Mulligan | Opinion Editor January 10, 2021 According to plans from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are three phases of vaccine release, each phase involving smaller groups based […]

The Arctic is in danger

  Brooklyn Staab | Publicity Manager January 10, 2021 The Trump Administration recently decided to auction off 30% of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge land for oil drilling. The operations in the region are only […]

The effect of COVID on school clubs

Donya Nadjie | Writer January 10, 2021 The coronavirus and the subsequent lockdown has quickly advanced global circumstances, influencing the lives of millions, particularly those in school. School clubs this year have confronted more obstacles than […]

NBA Award Predictions

Ben Cooper | Writer January 10, 2021 With the NBA season now underway, we have seen some stars struggle and some players emerging into stars. Some players and teams have succeeded surprisingly so far, while […]

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