Santa’s Village by the Sea

By: Danny Olivares | Arts & Entertainment Editor   &   Lucas Henkel | Arts & Entertainment Editor December 5, 2017 The air is becoming chilly, colorful lights twinkle throughout the neighborhoods, the movie Elf is playing on a non-stop loop, […]

Club Profile- Psychology

By: Meghan Byrne | Writer; Morgan Creek | Opinion Editor November 30, 2017 San Clemente High School is known throughout the county for its sense of community on campus, and with over sixty clubs for students to participate in, […]

Teacher Profile – Mr. Dollar

By: Gavin Kelleher-Marciello | Student Life Editor November 14, 2017 From day one Mr. Dollar has been a dedicated and prominent figure in our community. From his early years growing up here to attending San […]

MVPs of SCHS Special Olympics

By: Zoe Day | Writer and News Editor November 8, 2017 One of the best parts of high school is feeling included in something bigger than yourself. For students with special needs, there aren’t always as […]

Why Be an Athlete When You Can Be a Mathlete?

By: Morgan Thomas | Opinion Editor November 7, 2017 As the new school year got underway, students of all grades started settling down into their classes and searching for various activities to keep them busy and help […]

A Parade to Remember: San Clemente Homecoming

By; Morgan Thomas | Opinion Editor & Courtney McDonald | Writer This past friday, on the 27th of October, San Clemente High School conducted its annual homecoming parade in Downtown San Clemente. Families lined Avenida Del Mar […]

The Truth About Thrifting

By: Morgan Creek | Opinion Editor October 25, 2017 Some people find that thrift stores, or stores that sell previously used and/or up-cycled clothing, have everything they could possibly need. From clothing, to furniture, to books, to […]

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