Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Compean

By Anthony Wu | Head Editor October 1st, 2022 “I love seeing math click on students’ faces,” Mrs. Compean said, “and if I can cause one person to have that “Aha!” moment every day, it’s […]

Homecoming king & queen: tacky or timeless?

Mia DeRouchey | Writer September 14, 2022 Homecoming is a long-standing tradition in San Clemente. The week-long event involves the whole town, from a parade down Del Mar to an always-packed football game. SCHS’s “One […]

#BamaRushTok has taken Tik Tok by storm

Claire Hedger | Writer   &   Avery Kearl | Writer September 2, 2022 Rush week at Alabama University, commonly known as Bama Rush, has become a viral Tik Tok sensation. Whether that be the 2,200 potential […]

Club Rush – Highlights

Enzo Candolo | Sports Editor & Anthony Wu | Head Editor September 2nd, 2022 In the midst of a bustling Tuesday afternoon, swarms of students gathered in front of the library in a school-wide event, […]

What is going on with our bathrooms?

  Aaron Velez | Editor-in-Chief & Amanda Dirpes | Writer September 2nd, 2022 The bathroom situation for SCHS students is getting out of control.  Since SCHS “repurposed” its P-Quad bathroom as a staff-only accommodation in the […]

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