Summer Lovin’

By Kenzie McKinnon | Writer/Photographer May 22, 2017 Summer is seconds away and wouldn’t be nice to enjoy it with a bae? Whether you’re long-term or a short and sweet fling… Here’s how to have […]

To New Beginnings

By: Sara Barnes | Newspaper Manager May 25, 2017 Whether you are fourteen, eighteen, younger, older, or somewhere in between, there is a feeling of insatiable shakiness familiar to everyone: the feeling of change. Change can be […]

The Dark Side of Social Media

By: Camryn Ostrander | Writer May 24, 2017 The popularity of social media over the past 10 years has grown dramatically. Increasing each year, social media has gone from having sites such as Friendster, MySpace, and […]

Restaurant Review: Sancho’s Tacos

By: Ian Warner | Writer May 25, 2017 One thing that  everyone loves in San Clemente is Mexican food. And, as a result, you can always expect for more Mexican restaurants to pop up around […]

Clash of the Classes

By: Peyton Lee | Student Life Editor  & Sophie Conone | Writer May 3, 2017 Color-clad students clashed in effort to prove their class is greater than the rest. Starting on April 24 and ending […]

Getting to Know Your Triton Proctors

By: Lyndsee Nickle | Photographer   &    Autumn Nicolai | Writer February 28, 2017 You know those people in the golf carts that stroll around the school all day? What are they really doing? What are […]

An Entire Month Dedicated to Tests?

By: Ily Macpherson | Student Life Editor February 21, 2017 The month of May is riddled with anxious students who are impatiently waiting for final exams to finish and summer vacations to begin. Yet almost the […]

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