Senior spotlight: Hana Catsimanes

By: Julia Wilson | Head Editor October 25, 2019 The grueling and painful sport of running is not for everyone; but for senior Hana Catsimanes, it has become her life here at SCHS. Growing up […]

Restaurant Review: Matcha

By: Piper Biolos | Writer October 24, 2019 For the past couple of years, teens have been obsessed with the fast growing drink trend: boba. But what is boba exactly? Boba is small, sweet, chewy […]

Cozy Season Fashion

By: Bella Barbernell | Writer October 11, 2019 Southern California has been hitting the mid to low 60s and San Clemente High School students cannot bear to ditch their fashion duties. Therefore, a new style […]

Domestic violence awareness week at SCHS

By: Oyuky Bahena | Editor October 14, 2019 The fall season just arrived a few weeks ago, and with it came October, jam-packed with events and activities. There’s the obvious celebration of Halloween, along with […]

Ditch FOMO, Embrace JOMO

By: Jane Moran | Writer October 10, 2019 Picture this, you are home alone on a Friday night and none of your friends are replying. Later, you see on Snapchat that they are all hanging […]

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