The mighty Mirca Gomez

Amy Parr | Head Editor April 21, 2022 To know Mirca Gomez is to love her. Her bubbly personality and contagious laughter bring joy to all those around her, whether she’s working hard at after-school […]

Tanner Mehrens: star athlete and scholar

Robert Schumacher | Writer March 23, 2022 For most high school students, balance is a constant struggle. Whether it involves juggling a combination of extracurriculars, relationships, jobs, academics, or sports, high schoolers have always needed […]

Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Schmidt

Helene MacBeth | Writer March 17, 2022 Whether it’s because of her vibrant personality, sympathetic teaching style, or ability to expand her students’ knowledge, everybody seems to love Ms. Schimdt, an English teacher at San […]

Ms. Lewis: 30 years as a Triton

Harrison York | Editor-in-Chief March 11, 2022 Recently celebrating 30 years of teaching at San Clemente High School, Ms. Lewis has a key role in the English department. She teaches ERWC and IB Literature, both […]

Get ready for GLAX season!

Amy Parr | Head Editor March 11, 2022 Forget about football season, it’s GLAX time at San Clemente High School! The girls’ lacrosse team, known for their threatening sticks and sparkling personalities, are ready to […]

Finally! Winter formal arives with a bang!

Sofia Sipelis | Opinion Editor March 1, 2022 At last, winter formal has arrived, students can wear the dresses they’ve had since early January, get ready to take pictures at pines park, and Tritons can […]

Paper: tutoring anywhere, anytime

Eden Milligan | Editor-in-Chief March 8, 2022 With so many ways to get help on schoolwork, no one needs to worry about not understanding a lesson or assignment. In addition to the free and easily […]

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