Daylight Savings one last time?

By: Julia Wilson | Sports Editor March 15, 2019 This past Sunday, March 10, 2019, the clocks sprang forward one hour; leaving some excited for the “lighter-later” idea or upset because it stays darker for […]

When should you visit college?

Courtney McDonald | Student Life Editor March 15, 2019 This time of year is extremely stressful for high school seniors. College admissions decisions are slowly trickling in through the month of March, and many students […]

SCHS seniors’ Super Soaker shenanigans

By: Gabe Govi | Multimedia March 15, 2019 This year, 170+ participants set five dollars aside to participate in Senior Assassins 2019. The tradition can bring weeks of anxiety whether you decide to hunt or hide and […]

How to cope with “College Month”

By: Sofia Helmle | Writer March 8, 2019 The month of March has begun, and you know what that means — colleges are beginning to release their acceptance letters. While some southern and higher acceptance […]

Top 5 shows to binge watch on Netflix

By: Amanda Cichewicz | Photographer March 5, 2019 Everyone has those days where they just want to relax, grab some food and “binge” some of Netflix’s best shows. Here are San Clemente’s top 5 shows […]

Best road: Avenida Del Mar

By: Jake Carrera | Writer February 27, 2019 In a town packed with liveliness and buzz, San Clemente has its fair share of great roads but none perhaps are better than historic Avenida Del Mar. […]

Best sunset: Top of the World

By: Brittany Leung | Photographer February 21, 2019 Of the many scenic location in beautiful San Clemente from the pier to the beach trails, the best spot to enjoy a view of the sunset is […]

Best study spot: Panera Bread

By: Sam Giacobello | Writer February 21, 2019 Address: 101 W Avenida Vista Hermosa Finding a place to study in San Clemente isn’t the most difficult thing to do; there’s always Starbucks, Zebra House, and Lavender Lounge, […]

Best after school hangout: Lavender Lounge

 By: Adeeb Bayat | Writer February 21, 2019 Lavender Lounge Tea Company has been awarded with the Triton Times Best after school hangout award. With an assortment of over one hundred different teas from all […]

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