Sienna Miller – News Editor

Sienna Miller is a junior at San Clemente High School and it is her second year writing in the SCHS newspaper. She joined to pursue her passion for writing and journalism. She plays guitar and loves listening to music in her free time. You will often find her at the beach with friends. In the future, Sienna wants to attend college and then become a journalist/writer.

Mar-A-Lago investigation breakdown

School district in Texas Suspends 41 books from school libraries 

Mia Goth’s performance in the film “Pearl” astonishes critics 

Citizens must fight for better police training so people like Erik Cantu don’t get shot

Is TikTok influencing the music industry for better or for worse?

Best record store: Moldy Toes Records

Fact check: did the Iranian government truly “abolish” the morality police?

California undergoes massive storm which causes flooding all around the state

Ben Crump threatens to sue DeSantis for rejected course on African American studies

Biden’s State of the Union speech overview:

California public schools struggle with funding

Newsom cuts ties with Walgreens because of their refusal to sell abortion pills

Satire: Scientists agree with conservatives as they prove that global warming isn’t real by making the observation that it is currently cold outside! 

Foo Fighters releasing new music for the first time since Taylor Hawkins died

Teacher Profile on the dedicated, intelligent Mrs. Bennett

Best of SC: Place to get your nails done

Doja Cat’s new album “Scarlet” hits the charts

Can Olivia Rodrigo’s new album top “Sour”?

Trump refuses to attend Republican presidential debate

Do hobbies add to your attendance 

Taylor Swift set to drop a new album

Teacher of the year – Ms. Reim

Thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts under $150

Basic is back: women’s summer outfit predictions of 2024

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