Tyler Pearce – Head Editor

Tyler Pearce is a 17-year-old writer for the Triton Times. Inside of school, you can find him building relationships with his classmates and peers. He is oftentimes busy outside of school due to his ambitious extracurricular activities. Tyler is the student representative for the Capo Unified School District Board of Trustees (2023-2024). He is a writer and illustrator for CUSD Against Racism, as well as a social media intern for a local human trafficking non-profit organization. Along with that, he is also a member of the Model Congress club and has competed at both Yale College and Harvard University, along with that he is a after school tutor and a member of Link Crew. Next year, he is going to attend Boston University to study Political Science and International Relations. Besides the school, Tyler will escape with his friends to Los Angeles to go find clothes at the flea markets, try new foods, and just escape the Orange County bubble. Tyler cares about his community, and works hard everyday to make a difference in San Clemente, but cannot wait to make a wider impact on our generation as time continues.


A note from the student board member Tyler Pearce


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