Bathroom closures raise concerns among students

BATHROOM CLOSURE Bathroom in the K building Tyler Pearce


Tyler Pearce | Head Editor

March 3 2023

For the past few weeks, students at our school have been experiencing an unusual problem – bathroom closures. Despite repeated attempts to find out the reasons behind the closures, the students have been left, wondering when the situation will improve.
The issue has sparked frustration among the student body, as bathroom access is a basic necessity. Students have been left with no choice but to wait for extended periods of time, or worse yet, go without using the facilities, which is not only uncomfortable but can also impact their health.

Oh sure, because depriving students of basic necessities like functional bathrooms and converting them into sta

BATHROOM CLOSURE Boys bathroom closed once again Tyler Pearce

ff-only bathrooms is a great way to show how much the school cares about its students. How thoughtful and considerate of them!

While the administration has cited past instances of inappropriate behavior in the bathrooms as a reason for the closures, students feel that punishing the entire student body for the actions of a few is unfair. Instead, they believe that measures should be taken to address the root cause of the problem and provide a safe and secure environment for everyone.

Oh, it’s just delightful to take a lovely stroll across campus to find a bathroom, only to discover that it’s been occupied by a group of people having a cozy little hangout session. It’s almost like they planned it just to make our bathroom adventures even more exciting and adventurous!

It’s important that the administration take the concerns of the students seriously and work towards finding a solution that benefits everyone. The students should not be deprived of a basic necessity, and the responsibility of maintaining proper behavior in the bathroom should not be placed solely on their shoulders.

The current bathroom closures have created a serious inconvenience for the students and need to be addressed immediately. The administration needs to work collaboratively with the student body to find a solution that ensures a safe and secure environment for everyone.

Once again, we urge the school administration to address this issue and find a solution that works for everyone. It is important that they understand the inconvenience and distress that students go through when the bathrooms are closed, and take steps to ensure that the bathrooms are always accessible.

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  1. It’s insanely frustrating no matter what gender you are. Mr. Luciani calls the bathrooms by the art class “the smoking lounge”, and honestly he has a point. Even the girls’ bathrooms aren’t safe, apparently proctors are sticking their heads under stalls.
    It’s real pathetic that kids are developing nicotine addictions at 12 (go play on your DS) that’ve lasted into highschool and perhaps the rest of their lives. But the way staff is handling things is a huge breach in privacy and dignity.
    About the thing on turning student bathrooms into staff bathrooms: I remember the bathrooms around the P-Block being student ones. I was confused why they had changed when I entered the current school year. And I think the same has happened for the bathrooms around the Little Theater- there aren’t even signs there anymore.

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