Teacher Profile on the dedicated, intelligent Mrs. Bennett

MRS. BENNETT posing against the English building wall!

Sienna Miller | News Editor

October 23, 2023

Mrs. Bennett is one of our most admired teachers on our San Clemente High campus. She is a UCSD college graduate who studied English, and we are so proud to have her teach AP/IB Language and Composition here at San Clemente High. To get to know her better, I sat down with her and discussed her teaching methods, background, and fun facts about everyone’s favorite teacher.

What college did you attend, and what was your major? 

I went to UC San Diego, where I studied English and American Literature.

Describe what your goals are for your students.

For English class specifically, my main goal is to teach students to use critical thinking when effectively reading texts, not simply conform to a particular idea just because it is something we are told. That questioning- asking “Why?”, is something that every informed, instead of any person, is inclined to think about.

Who do you look up to most?

Michelle Obama is one of the most humble and caring people who truly gives back to the world. She is an influential and powerful woman and spends time genuinely caring about the people. I loved her book, and I think everyone should strive to be as compassionate as her. 

What have you learned from your years of teaching?

High schoolers are not horrible like they are often made out to be. The majority are caring kids whose minds are ready to learn. Kids’ minds are shaping at this age, and it is crucial to teach them the best way to think critically.

What accomplishments are you most proud of?

My children are something I’m most proud of. They are completing college and are passionate intellectuals, but that’s not the part I’m most proud of. I’m mostly proud that they became kindhearted, good people.

What things do you take pride in? 

I really enjoy that I get to contribute to the public school system. I think it’s crucial that everyone has the opportunity to receive a good education.

Mrs. Bennet is the perfect addition to the SCHS staff, as she positively affects students daily with her dedication, passion, and intellect. She comes to school ready to change perspectives and influence kids for the better.

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