Teacher of the Year – Ms. Reim

MS REIM: the extraordinary teacher and the style icon! (Sienna Miller)

Sienna Miller | News Editor

March 21, 2024

Ms. Reim is one of the most dedicated teachers on our staff here at SCHS. She was nominated as the 2023 Teacher of the Year due to her effective teaching methods in one of the most difficult subjects: chemistry.

She has been an educator whose journey through academics is as fascinating and inspiring. With a unique schedule split between Saddleback College and the University of Irvine, she pursued a double major in cognitive psychology and biology, showcasing her unwavering dedication to science and understanding the human mind.

Her curious mind is infectious, whether it’s through observing colorful chemical reactions, conducting experiments, or creating balanced equations from scratch, her students are actively engaged in the learning process.

Her commitment to her studies reflects not only in her academic achievements but also in her profound empathy and critical thinking skills, making her stand out in the field of education. To dive deeper into her remarkable accomplishments and insights, I had the privilege of sitting down with her for a conversation about her time teaching.


What have you learned throughout your career?

Patience. Sometimes you need to have to explain something 50 times and students get it on the 51st time. And that’s okay. We are all different and learn differently. That’s the beauty of being human.

What is the best advice for high school students? 

Relax. Eat good food. Sleep. Study daily and balance your time. Make a schedule and make a list of what needs to get done. Make sure you have time to do something for yourself. Take care of yourself.

Who do you look up to?

I loved the Avengers growing up they were my favorite when I was a kid. Bruce Lee. And my mom. Number one is my mom.

What do you think your greatest accomplishment has been?

I am a good teacher and I’ve really bonded with my chemistry brothers so to have the working unit we have here has been a real highlight. We are a great team and I will miss them more than anything in the world.

Do you have any regrets?



A perfect end to a wonderful interview. Ms. Reim is sadly retiring this year, and on behalf of all SCHS, she will be greatly missed. She has done so much for our community and has helped every one of her students grow as an avid learner and as a person.

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