Bidens State of the Union speech overview:

Representative Greene “booing” Biden during his State of the Union speech. Josh Morgan, USA TODAY

Sienna Miller  | Writer

February 9th, 2023

The annual State of the Union speech’s purpose is so that the current President can address all the good that they accomplished over their term, and what they plan to do for the remainder of it. There has been much doubt, specifically from Republicans, that Biden hasn’t done anything for our country in the two years he has been in office. Republican Governor Sanders says that Biden and the Democrats have “failed you [American people].” Sanders proceeds to say that Biden is “unfit” for Presidency. 

Representative Taylor Greene, also shouts at Biden during his speech multiple times. Greene yells “China is spying on us,” in an angry panic, and Biden made it clear that he gave the order to shoot down the spy balloon from China. He said this showed the world that the United States will defend itself if necessary. 

Biden also claims that Rebbcuians are trying to cut Medicare and Social Security programs. In protest, Greene stands up and shouts “liar”. Biden continues on, and explains that “we pay more for prescription drugs than any major country on earth”. He establishes his support for the Inflation act that he signed into law, saying that its intentions are to simply bring health care costs down. 

President Biden talking to congress members at State of the Union speech. Jack Gruber, USA TODAY

Not to mention, during Biden’s speech some Republicans, including Greene, exclaimed “it’s your fault,” and “close the border,” to the President as he addressed the horrible statistics of Fetenayl deaths and the plans he has to limit them. 

Although many Republicans criticize Biden, he claims to have done a lot in his two years of being president. He acknowledges that since he has been elected, the economy has been skyrocketing, and the COVID-19 pandemic is under control. In addition, he adds that his “administration has cut the deficit by more than $1.7 trillion, the largest deficit reduction in American history”. 

Biden further addressed his efforts in reducing Veteran Suicides. He mentions since he appointed Denis McDonough to be the head of the VA there has been an 8-person decrease in veteran suicide rates. 

During his speech on February 7th, Biden not reviewed the good he has done so far, but he also made an abundance of goals and propositions to solve/reduce serious issues that United States citizens encounter. He talks about cutting Cancer deaths in half in the next 25 years and forming it into a treatable disease.

Biden also strives to raise teachers’ pay and decrease teacher shortages. Teachers make 33% of what most college graduates make while working just as long and just as hard as most. 

Furthermore, Biden says his administration is working to make abortion rights constitutional once more. He claims that if congress does end up putting a national restriction on women’s right to get an abortion, he will veto the act. This isn’t the only notable notion he makes in his speech, “ban assault weapons once and for all”, the President states. However, because congress is so divided, this will most likely not be fulfilled. 

Overall, Biden has carried out many important implements, but is it going to be possible for him to accomplish all he has set out to do in the next two years of his Presidency?

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