When should you visit college?

Courtney McDonald | Student Life Editor March 15, 2019 This time of year is extremely stressful for high school seniors. College admissions decisions are slowly trickling in through the month of March, and many students […]

Why Trump will win

By: Brayden Young | Chief Political Correspondent March 20, 2019 It’s going to have to be said: Donald J. Trump will win a second presidential term. There have been so many controversies in the past […]

Why I’m A Feminist:

By: Peyton Gadbury | Opinion Editor March 8, 2019 My favorite “f-word” is feminist, which means I believe in equal social and political rights for all people, everywhere, regardless of their gender, race, or sexuality. […]

A Resurrection of the Hitler Youth

By: Peyton Gadbury | Opinion Editor March 7, 2019 From 1941 to 1945, Nazi Germany, under the supremacy of the fascist leader Adolf Hitler, systematically murdered an estimated six million European Jews. On Sunday, March […]

Best sandwich: Board & Brew

By: Courtney McDonald | Student Life Editor February 21, 2019 According to most of San Clemente, Board & Brew is the best thing since sliced bread. It easily beat out both Humphrey’s and Billy’s for Best […]

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