Freshmen uncaged: put them back in

Sophia Bird | Writer & Arantza Villarroel | Writer September 21, 2023 Age segregation is necessary for SCHS to bring peace to their honorable students. When the so-called “cages,” designated area for freshmen, were removed, […]

Must-have character buns from Harumama

Olivia Vergopia | Head Editor September 12, 2023 If you’ve been looking for a unique restaurant with a fun experience, make your way down to Harumama in San Diego! It may be a bit of […]

Renaissance vs. Eras: which is better?

Brianna Hernandez | Opinion Editor September 14, 2023 Currently, the variety of concert tours taking place in the year 2023 is one of the hottest topics worldwide. Music fanatics cannot stop talking about their favorite […]

Murder? or “death or with dignity”

Sophie Rapeepat | Head Editor September 5, 2023 Brittany Maynard loved life. At 22 years old, she graduated from the University of Berkeley with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. At 26, she earned her master’s […]

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