Senior spotlight: Sydney Seefeldt

By Mia Costales | News Editor October 25, 2020 Senior Sydney Seefeldt is a stand-out SCHS student, not only because of her involvement in numerous student leadership programs but also because of her kind spirit […]

Presidential Debate 3: The Debatening

By Jill Greene | Head Editor October 23, 2020 Prologue: The Exposition Sweet Jesus. Here we go again. After a first debate bloated with incivility and second-hand embarrassment, as well as a nonexistent second debate, our favorite […]

Trestles is saved!

By Gisele Brandt | Head Editor October 11, 2020 Residents of San Clemente: you can finally take off your bumper stickers, because Trestles is saved! On October 1, 2020, state law AB 1426 was enacted, […]

Return to school guidelines

By Danielle Generaux | Student Life Editor October 4, 2020 Finally, San Clemente High School can go back to in-person school with the 50/50 learning schedule on Tuesday, October 13. But how is going back to […]

Senior spotlight: Chelsea Adel

By Mia Costales | News Editor October 4, 2020 Senior Chelsea Adel has a passion that radiates strongly throughout San Clemente High School. Whether she is found sitting first chair (Concertmaster) in the Symphony Orchestra, […]

Staying safe this Halloween

  By Eden Milligan | Head Editor October 4, 2020 Halloween is arguably the best holiday of them all for its creativity, its thrill, and its uniquely October traditions. Who doesn’t love trick-or-treating, Knott’s Scary […]

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