Farmers’ Markets: UnBEETable quality!

Ava Miller | Opinion Editor November 4, 2022 Farmers’ markets have become increasingly popular in urban areas offering a wide display of ripe, local produce and farm-fresh organic dairy and egg options, all of which […]

Heidi Klum must be stopped

Kyla Brown | Head Editor November 4, 2022 Celebrities took to their social medias over Halloweekend to showcase their costumes, and jaws were dropped, to say the least. Heidi Klum is known for going above […]

Letting others shine: Triton Sparkle

Amanda Dirpes | Writer November 4, 2022 Established at the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year, the Triton Sparkle program at San Clemente High School inspires acceptance and diversity throughout the community by providing an […]

An early start to flu season?

AJ Cabagbag | Student Life Editor October 21, 2022 Health centers and emergency departments are experiencing a surge in hospitalizations, filling beds with patients fighting respiratory illnesses. This phenomena leaves hospitals overwhelmed with the mass […]

Who’s excited for IN-N-OUT?

Gracie Reynolds | Writer October 21, 2022 IN-N-OUT is an all time favorite and its finally coming to San Clemente. Yes, the rumors are true. That empty office building space was quickly taken over by […]

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