CDC warns deadly bacterial infection may be spreading in eye drops


CDC WARNS against eye drops. New York Post
CDC WARNS against eye drops. New York Post

Olivia Vergopia | Writer

February 10, 2023

In twelve different states, the CDC has discovered a type of bacteria resistant to most antibiotics. It is in EzriCare eye drops, which are preservative-free, and they cannot prevent bacteria. It is advised that no one uses these over-the-counter eye drops manufactured in India. 

EZRICARE linked to 1 death. Washington Post

There have been cases found in many places such as Utah, New York, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Florida, New Jersey, Washington, and Connecticut. So far, eleven people have been infected with vision loss in one eye, three had permanent vision loss in one eye, and one who has passed from bacteria entering their bloodstream. 

In fact, New Jersey-based EzriCare has already come out and said that they have taken “action to stop any further distribution or sale” of the eye drop. Some do not blame EzriCare, though. They say “EzriCare, LLC had no role in the formulation, packaging delivery system design or actual manufacturing of this product”

Senior Apollo Arenas said, “I trust the CDC, so if they say not to use these eye drops, I probably won’t.”

Senior Ethan Garcia said, “It doesn’t seem like there’s that many cases, so I guess I will be mindful of it, but it does not seem like a big deal to me.” 

Either way, steer clear of EzriCare’s over-the-counter eye drops; or don’t. 

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