Doja Cat’s new album “Scarlet” hits the charts

DOJA CAT CHANGED PLANET HER COVER TO RED ON APPLE MUSIC to signify the beginning of a new era that will be greater than before. (Photo from Apple Music)

Sienna Miller | News Editor

September 27, 2023

Doja Cat’s music gained traction during the 2020 quarantine. At this time, everyone on social media was bored, dancing to short clips in their rooms. The most viral songs of this time were “Say So” and “So High,” both by Doja Cat.

Doja Cat has been known in recent months to “hate” her fans. Some fans felt attacked when she called them “creepy” and said that she “don’t even know y’all,” addressing fan accounts that called themselves “Kittenz.” She tweeted on July 23 that “Planet Her and Hot Pink were cash-grabs.” She explains how she is in the process of reinventing herself and her brand. 

On August 4th, she released her hit single “Paint the Town Red” for her new album Scarlet. In addition, she recolored her past albums to the color red. In the single, she describes her experiences with “getting canceled” and how she, like no one before, will not apologize. She addresses all the rumors about her attitude and appearance and declares that she will not change the direction she is going toward. 

On September 4th, right before the drop of her album, she released the song “Demons.” This was supposed to be the determining factor on whether this genre switch would make or break her career. The song, although listened to frequently, received an abundance of hate. It went viral on social media for being childlike and shallow. 

DOJA CAT DRESSES UP AS CAT AT THE MET GALA and refuses to speak other than “meowing” to promote her upcoming album. (Photographer Nina Westervelt)

“When I heard Paint the Town Red I had high hopes for this album,” explained junior Natalie Garcia. “I don’t know if it’s just not my kind of music, but I couldn’t even get through the entire album. I think she catastrophically failed at transforming herself.” 

Many critics have even gone so far as to claim she “sold her soul to the devil.” Her songs and music videos are very demonic and satanic-focused. This was on purpose, but of course, it did undergo a plethora of detests. There have even been false conspiracies relating her to the Illuminati. 

Finally, the suspense was over when she released the full album on September 22nd. For months she was bombarded with both cherishment and hostility. It is clear that some of the original fans cannot withstand her new music and demeanor. However, this isn’t the case for all. She is gaining fans who are passionate about hip-hop and love to see indualism sprout as she grows as an artist. 

“I really love this new album, ” said junior Elora Aguliar. “I love listening to it on full blast with all my friends. We roll the windows down in the car and just sing along. It’s almost empowering.” 

Doja Cat has been an influential artist who is distinctively trying to push away from her past TikTok image.

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