Trump refuses to attend Republican presidential debate

TRUMP IS MISSING!! Republican candidates fight for the few scraps of votes that Trump left them with. (ABC News)

Sienna Miller  | Writer

August 29, 2023

The Republican Debate on Wednesday, August 19, was conventionally different from most presidential debates. Most of the time, all candidates, or at least the head candidate, show up to the discussion. However, Trump did not attend because he was leading by such a significant amount. The newest Republican polls show that Trump has 50% of Republican votes. The next candidate in line only has 14 percent of the votes. Currently, Trump will be running against President Biden in the 2024 election. 

One of the Fox News hosts, Bret Baier, brought up the “elephant in the room,” referring to President Trump. He asked who would vote for Trump if he was arrested, and only two candidates raised their hands. Hutchinson and Christie claim their final stance on this abnormal circumstance, siding against Trump. Christie’s campaign has stood out as one of the only Republicans to be firmly against Trump and his political campaign precisely because of the storming of the capital on January 6. 

Christie got “booed” vicariously by the Republican crowd because he was criticizing Trump. He lost the group and candidate Hutchinson after showing his discontent with the former president. 

“It’s crazy how childlike these debates can get whether it’s Republican or Democrat,” junior Katie Mckay said. “I watched the debate on Wednesday and noticed how drama-filled politics can be. They often don’t just attack another’s beliefs, but instead each other as people, using horribly degrading language.” 

TRUMP looks exceptionally upset as he has no choice but to pose for a mug shot photo. (NBC News)

On TikTok, many young liberal kids and women who have not watched the debate are now rooting for the only woman candidate, Niki Haley. Her statement, “If you want something said, ask a man.. If you want something done, ask a woman,” has been spread around social media. Many misconceptions are arising that she is a feminist. She discusses her pro-life stance and that she supports Trump and his beliefs. However, she is still one of the only members of Republican candidates who doesn’t support a federal abortion ban. 

“I saw an edit of Hayle on TikTok, and I immediately thought she was a feminist,” junior Elora Aguliar stated. “I did more research and found out she’s not. I was confused and maybe thought the only reason she hated feminism was to get elected or even be considered in general. Many women like this are forced to conform to this anti-feminist ideology; I don’t blame her. It’s hard for a woman Republican candidate to even get in the top polls.” 

According to the New York Post, Trump has gone down six points in the polling data after this unusual debate. His mugshot was also released on Thursday, the day after the discussion. Many wonder if this means that his statistics will keep decreasing as he gets further along in the indictment process and possibly even arrested.

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