Do hobbies add to your intelligence?


ART, BOOKS, PLANTS, MUSIC, AND ATHLETICS are all passions that make a person smarter. (Aguliar, Mckay, Desrosiers)

Sienna Miller  | News Editor

January 24, 2024

Intellect is often based on IQ and other tests, but what really develops a smarter human? How can you prepare yourself to achieve the most throughout life? Is it determined in the womb, is it a gift that is given genetically? Is it controllable? I am no scientist and, obviously, a person with a smarter brain will be able to achieve more. However, I have found one of the key factors of intellect in high school students is their hobbies and what those entail.

People such as Star Wars lovers are classified as nerds because it demonstrates their drastic attention span toward a futuristic improvement of society. Yet, it is all fantasy.

And so why are auto-mechanic pursuers not classified as nerds? A person can know the name of every car from the last 100 years and still not be a nerd. Not to mention, you can go into mechanics directly, you can’t major in Star Wars.

It comes down to what connotations your interests have. Mechanics are known mostly as blue-collar workers who are hefty and athletic, yet you need to memorize thousands of complex mechanisms to fix a car properly.

HOBBIES are everywhere, in schools, in homes, in nature, and most importantly in humans. (Julie Perrine)

“I play guitar and I think most people underestimate musicians and other people who have passions not involving typical school subjects,” junior Keely Cabatuan said. “To memorize the entire fretboard and the sounds it makes takes years. I can’t even imagine how many hours people have to spend playing the violin. It would be crazy if I was as dedicated to other subjects like physics as I am to music. I wouldn’t change it though. Music is my passion.”

Having a hobby you invest time in is one of the most proficient dividers between those who succeed and those who don’t. Not only is it significant that you have a hobby, but it is also to recognize what hobby you choose.

The people who love to read are some of the most intellectual individuals, especially those who read their entire lives daily. Most of us lied on reading logs as a kid and butchered how many hours we read in a night, but where are those who didn’t? Those who read the Harry Potter novels instead of playing on the monkey bars.

“Reading 100 percent gives you a leg up,” SCHS AP/IB Language and Composition teacher Ms. Bennett said. “It helps with vocabulary and just your knowledge in general. It doesn’t even matter what level you read at, if you read, it will help you overall. Some of my best students and test takers have a hobby of reading.”

The love and desire to read should be one of the most valued traits in a person. To be passionate about assuming more knowledge, more words. That is where some of the smartest people lie. Consequently, what you start learning to admire at a young age and develop over time is what makes people legendary. The best musicians, the best doctors, and the best poets all started with a drive to be better at what they love.

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