Super Bowl LVIII preview: Swifties vs. everyone else

MATCH-UP: Brock Purdy (left) and Patrick Mahomes (right) pictured during Super Bowl LVIII media coverage. (SkySports)

Enzo Candolo | Editor-in-Chief

February 6, 2024

Here we go: the Super Bowl nobody wanted.

But lucky for us, this is what we get to watch this Sunday. Although no one is necessarily mad about the 49ers being in Las Vegas, most of the internet is particularly not super hyped for the CBS camera crew to show us Taylor Swift’s reaction to every. Single. Play. 

Besides this being the most unhyped Super Bowl I’ve ever experienced in my 17-year and 38-day lifetime, there will always be next year… (hopefully without Patrick Mahomes).

But in all seriousness, this game is going to be electric. With two high-power offenses going up, two of the best defenses the NFL has seen in the past few years. And the experience of both of these rosters is unmatched.

There is a HUGE storyline that no one is talking about: Do these quarterbacks have something to prove? Mahomes is coming into this game looking for his third Super Bowl victory, officially placing his mark on the league and even cementing himself in some of the GOAT conversations. On the flip side, we have Brock Purdy, or “Mr. Irrelevant,” at his first super appearance, leading a stacked Niners squad. However, that first half against the Lions was a tad bit sketchy until he decided to become prime Tom Brady. When the city of San Francisco needed him most, Purdy picked up the gritty win to take the squad to the chip.

It seems like the 49ers have been knocking on this whole Super Bowl door for the past couple of years but have seemingly fallen short due to injuries or lack of personnel. However, this year really seems to be their year, with a great game manager at quarterback, two of the league’s best receivers, arguably the best tight end in the league, and Mr. The World’s Greatest Running Back.

CHIEFS CONTROVERSY: Have the refs been favoring Kermit and the Chiefs? (@baltimorememes)

While the Chiefs really haven’t had much on any star players all year long. We know Isiah Pacheco is going to run like he hates the ground, Travis Kelce will catch anything and everything so he can give Taylor something to sing about, and as we’ve seen time and time again, you can never count out Kermit The Frog because he’ll always find a way to win.

The real question the world is wondering is whether Purdy can do what no one has been able to achieve in the past few weeks: Beat not only the Chiefs but the NFL officials!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brock and San Francisco honestly have the entire world behind them because if I see Kelce propose to Taylor on national television, I might just throw a brick through my TV.

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