Your kids may never have a job

By: Matt Farrow |Student Life Editor April 12, 2019 The printing press caused revolution; cars created suburbs; computers redesigned financial markets. While the intent of technology is to improve the quality of life, it almost […]

The inequality behind college football

By: Lucy Terry | News Editor March 29, 2019 To put it simply, football is America’s favorite pastime. Whether it be families playing at a park, attending exciting high school football games, like our own […]

Awareness of our LGBT Community at SCHS

By: Lang Csira | Writer April 10, 2019 LGBT community members are reportedly four times more likely to commit suicide than heterosexual piers. Four times more likely to take their own life. What is causing […]

The racial divide across our campus

By: Flynn Lloyd | Editor in Chief March 15, 2019 It is no secret that San Clemente High School consists of a predominantly white community. Students have been surrounded by people similar to their own […]

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