Women’s Health Protection Act

Brooklyn Staab | Student Life Editor & Publicity Manager   October 1, 2021  Women’s rights and body autonomy have been recently tested with new state laws, such as the Texas abortion ban.  In lighter news, The […]

The never-ending school day

Ben Meyler | Writer October 1, 2021 Online classrooms such as Google Classroom and Canvas are drastically extending the school day for students, creating a substantial impediment to students’ well being. Where they used to have […]

Loophole in Texas abortion ban law

Jack Wolfsohn | Writer September 30, 2021 The recent Texas abortion law that bans abortion after 6 weeks gives a woman an extremely short amount of time to get an abortion and/or discover they are […]

Biden, why are you letting California burn?

  Coco Meyerhofer | Writer September 19, 2021 It was a rough summer for California last year. The annual wildfires burned greater than ever before under Trump’s lack of attention, eventually destroying a grand total […]

New House Democrat tax proposal misses its mark

Brookelynn Hodgin | Writer September 17, 2021 On Monday, Senior House Democrat Richard Neal proposed a bill that would increase tax revenue by $2.9 trillion, with the intention of impacting wealthy Americans and large corporations […]

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