Is it really just a hat?

By Lexi Kortman | Writer February 1, 2019 Although it is distressing that hate crimes still occur in the year 2019, it unfortunately does not come as a complete shock. To some, MAGA hats are simply […]

Egg breaks the internet

By: Eva Gardner | Photographer January 25, 2019 What came first: the chicken or the egg? To start 2019 off fresh, millions of Instagram users banned together to prove that the egg, does in fact, […]

Kavanaugh Appointment is an Atrocity

By: Lucy Terry | News Editor October 11, 2018 Brett Kavanaugh was officially appointed onto the Supreme Court on October 10, 2018, after weeks of strife and deliberation of his innocence concerning sexual assault allegations […]

Why Now and Does it Matter

By: Lang Csira | Writer October 10, 2018 As a fifteen-year-old girl, I cannot begin to convey the horror that Christine Basely Ford must have experienced. The general disrespect for women, which all women experience, […]

Op-Ed: After School Tutorial

By: Lexi Kortman | Writer October 3, 2018 Almost every San Clemente High School student has heard of After School Tutorial, but many don’t know what it’s all about, or take advantage of the academic and social […]

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