Why you should join Newspaper

Sophie Rapeepat | Head Editor March 14, 2024 I used to love writing back when the most that was ever expected of us was a “weekend recap” or a one-page personal narrative. I loved how writing […]

The new digital SAT: for better or for worse?

  Carly Altman | Writer March 14, 2024 Most high school students are familiar with the SAT, a standardized test commonly used in senior-year college applications. Administered by College Board, the SAT tests student knowledge […]

Too Good To Go: app review

Jenna Forss | Arts & Entertainment Editor March 12, 2024 The staggering amount of food wasted annually by restaurants in the United States is an estimated 22 to 33 billion pounds; an unfortunate truth considering […]

Bring film photography back

  Emma Barbernell | Writer & Photographer March 12, 2024 Film: capturing life. Why is film so important on a creative scale? As someone who loves shooting on film, I am here to explain my reasoning […]

Cursive: an art from the past?

    Tyler Pearce | Head Editor February 29, 2024 The place of cursive writing in school curriculum has become a considerable debate. Proponents argue for its benefits and historical significance, while opponents suggest it may […]

New chocomania collection at Krispy Kreme

Olivia Vergopia | Head Editor February 27, 2024 Calling all chocolate lovers: Hershey’s has partnered with Krispy Kreme to create the “chocolatiest creations ever.” Who doesn’t love a fresh, hot doughnut from Krispy Kreme? For a […]

Why are Temu’s prices so low?

  Jordyn Banks | Writer February 21, 2023 During the Super Bowl commercials, you may have seen a brand promoted called Temu with the catchphrase, “Shop Like a Billionaire.” The brand spent millions of dollars […]

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