Kian Kiasaleh – A & E Editor (2015-16)


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Hey, my name is Kian Kiasaleh and I love people-watching. Whether in public or on watching reality television, I’m always looking at others and observe what they’re doing. Before joining newspaper, I usually spent my time researching hotels and drinking waters. Now into my second year writing, I channel my affinity for people into conducting interviews and covering news stories. Through this, I get a chance to become informed about the people and events surrounding me. While English classes teach me the basics of writing and more formal writing, newspaper adds a more conversational tone. Both facets of writing allow me to find a perfect balance in my own style. This year, I look forward to juggling both writing and editing because I’m not that good at multitasking. In getting quotes from other students, I hope to get a chance to hear varying opinions.


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