Best tacos on the go: Pedros Tacos

Jason Watkins | Photographer March 12, 2021 In 1986, Pedro’s Tacos opened the first fish taco stand in Orange County, California. Located near the beach, hungry surfers began lining up for the satisfying tacos and […]

Best boba to grab with friends: Matcha

Jill Greene | Head Editor March 12, 2021 In SoCal, we’re blessed enough to have a strong Asian community. One of the greatest influences Asian culture has had on San Clemente itself is the rise […]

Best place in outlets to waste time: Bathrooms

Seth Hahn | Writer March 11, 2021 If you’ve never experienced the wonders of The Outlet’s bathrooms, then you are truly missing out. The main attraction of the bathrooms is their extravagant scenery. Lavishly refined, […]

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