Best of SC: Place to cry in your car

  Chloe Gerhard | Writer November 2, 2023 Have you ever cried in your car and wondered where would be the best place to park?  Have you ever searched for a place that is semi-secluded […]

Best of SC: Thai food

Olivia Vergopia | Head Editor November 2, 2023 Have you ever been craving the delicious flavors of Thai food but don’t know where to go? Well, look no further and make your way to Mongkut Thai! […]

Best of SC: Mexican food

Brianna Hernandez | Opinion Editor November 1, 2023 When choosing a dinner spot, you might often find yourself debating what to pick. Sometimes, you might crave some Mexican food — and when you do, you’re […]

Best of SC: Boutique

Claire Hedger | Arts & Entertainment Editor/Social Media Manager November 2, 2023 This year’s best boutique of San Clemente award goes to Isabelle’s Cabinet. Located in the heart of Del Mar, Isabelle’s Cabinet is one […]

Best of SC: Italian food

Although often referred to as the “Spanish village by the sea,” San Clemente offers some excellent Italian cuisine. Guichos Eatery is an authentic and exquisite place for locals to grab a quick bite. With three […]

Best of SC: Coffee

Sienna Taus  | Student Life Editor November 2, 2023 San Clemente has plenty of local coffee shops, but commonly among everyone’s favorites is Zebra House. Not only do they serve delicious lattes, cold brews, and […]

Best of SC: Place to get your nails done

Sienna Miller | Editor November 1, 2023 Getting your nails done has grown in popularity over the last couple of years, as it’s become more normalized for not only women to get them done, but […]

Best of SC: Pre-workout food

Sophia Yeskulsky | Writer November 2, 2023 If you have a game to play or a workout to do and you’re looking for a healthy option that will fuel you up, Board & Brew is […]

Best of SC: Poke

Claire Pham | News Editor November 2, 2023 San Clemente is home to one of the best poke spots in Orange County: Kawamata Seafood. It is the perfect spot to eat while on a lunch […]

Best of SC: Gas station

Jordyn Banks | Writer November 2, 2023 What do most people look for in a gas station? Low prices and convenience. United Oil (Rocket) offers both of these. Located in the middle of bustling downtown […]

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