Colin Kennedy – Writer (2016-17)

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Hi my name is Colin Kennedy. I’m a cool kid who just sits back and relaxes in my bass loafers. This is my senior year in High School and I plan on writing some five star articles this semester. When I’m not at this amazing San Clemente High School, you can find me driving over curbs or rolled over on my side. As for sports, I play golf. This year will mark my fourth year on the San Clemente High School golf team. While I’m not really a morning a guy, as a one famous man once said, “Coffee is the lifeblood that fuels champions” – Phil Weston.

After high school, I plan on attending Saddleback College. After the Gaucho life at Saddleback, I want to transfer to a local university.

For more articles written by me, look below:

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