Lexi Kortman – Writer (2018-19)

Lexi Kortman, 18, is in her senior year at San Clemente High School. She is known by her friends for her immense sarcasm and love for Peppa Pig. She enjoys watching vines (her favorite vine is “hey Darren”), hanging out with various cats, and ironically saying “xD” to the point where it’s not ironic anymore. She is a proud member of the SCHS Jeep community, a group of inspirational and like-minded people who are enthusiastic about using Moon
Shoes in order to get into their cars (#JustJeepThings XD). You can often find her spending every last cent she has on boba. She lives at home with her parents, who probably wish she was out of the house by now, and has a dog, a cat, a horse, and a peppa pig stuffed animal which undoubtedly is more loving and fun than her real, living pets. Her favorite quote is, “I’m slipping into the lava” – The Jonas Brothers.

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