Reid Corley – Photography/Multimedia (2018-19)

Reid Corley is currently serving his fourth term at SCHS. Born at 8 pounds at 7 ounces in the Mission Hospital, Reid has lived in San Clemente his whole life. Naturally, after looking at the above image you may be thinking to yourself: Who is this man? How can he appear so interesting? What is TwentyHot? Well, the truth is, none of these questions will be answered. Reid loves watching the pastel sky fade into darkness during his nightly long walks on the beach with his father, Ethan Jolly. After watching his father battle Ligma for six years, Reid spends many weekends volunteering at local humanitarian centers to help those in need. He is passionate about his studies, but more passionate about petting strangers dogs (but not as passionate as Ethan Jolly.) Reid hopes to spend his life serving his community so he can die happy.


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