Lilah Kopenhefer – Photographer (2019-20)


Lilah is a junior at SCHS who loves to spend her time playing music, surfing, going to concerts, and surrounding herself with her amazing friends. She joined newspaper this year to get involved in a new experience through the high school and learn some great tips about writing.

“I always want to go to sushi with Lilah, but shes broke; she now has a job :). I advised Mrs. Kopenhefer to not dye her hair brown. You’re welcome.” -Bella Barbernell

“Best person to get coffee with.”- Faith Haas

“She easily has the coolest name of anyone at SCHS” -Sabrina Spunt

“One of the few people at SCHS who has genuinely good music taste. One of the 3 people in newspaper who has good music taste (Mia and Bella are the other two). Sorry!” – Oyuky Bahena

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