Debate of The Fly

A FLYING DEBATE: The Fly landed on Vice President Pence’s hair during the 2020 Vice Presidential debate, making for a gorgeous moment in U.S. history. Photo by Seth Hahn

By Seth Hahn | Writer

October 13, 2020

The first and last vice presidential debate for 2020 was beautiful. Obviously, a quality debate such as this deserves to be remembered for a long, long time. I mean, did you see The Fly?

Please tell me, you saw The Fly.

As quick as one could blink, it was there. The small creature remained in place, inanimate, upon the silvery white bed of Vice President Pence hair. In all honesty, The Fly was the true reason why the debate took place, or even mattered. The Fly has more social media love than I could dream of having in a lifetime. Nay multiple lifetimes.

DEBATE BEGINS: Susan Page monitors the debate with Vice President Pence and Senator Harris. Photo by Seth Hahn

Onward to the actual debate.

“I was ACTUALLY able to understand what the two candidates were saying,” senior Grace Huynh said. “Unlike the last debate.” This was an extremely wonderful experience; to have finally received a peaceful conversation between two candidates that were gracefully debating. With absolutely no interruptions-wait.

“What really stood out to me was how Pence would always talk after his time was up,” SCHS sophomore Samantha Jones said, “He would try to get as much time as he could to get his message across and it really stuck with me because it seems outright rude to do that.” 

Vice President Pence kept talking much past his time and even Debate Monitorer Susan Page continued to repeatedly say, “Vice President Pence, your time is up.” And to go even further, Pence interjected in the middle of when Senator Harris was speaking, forcing her to directly tell Pence, “Mr. Vice President, I am speaking.” 

These two events, clearly, violated the rules of the debate, which both Senator Harris and Vice President Pence agreed to.

SENATOR SMIRKS: Senator Harris consistently smirked while Vice President Pence talked. Photo by Seth Hahn

But have no worry! Vice President Pence was not the only target of criticism. Senator Harris, although mostly only talking during her turn, disrespected the opposing candidate mostly through body language. “She is most likely thinking how foolish his ideas and arguments are and that hers is superior,” Jones said. 

“Both [parties] seemed to have different agendas in comparison to their candidates. When asked to defend Biden’s or Trump’s decision, both seemed at a loss for words, which I found pretty funny, while at the same time alarming,” junior Austin Ashizawa said. “All in all I’m just hoping that whoever wins this upcoming election, the country doesn’t erupt into chaos. Let us follow the 8th grader’s example.”

President Trump and former Vice President Biden will next square off in their last debate on October 22.

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